Toyota Rush 2016 front

Toyota Rush 2016 redesign

Lately there is too much craze about SUV. Toyota has been creating promising cars since a decade. You can take a look at their Rush which is undergoing a facelift for the time being. Relax; control your adrenaline rush as you are going to check out the amazing specifications of Toyota Rush 2016. There is no issue on build quality of this car. This time the maker has concentrated on all major and minor demands and complaints brought by their customers.

Toyota Rush 2016 front

Toyota Rusch 2016: Design and Features

They are running sample tests of various aspects of this car and are looking forward to it with great hope. Toyota Rush 2016 has got a sturdy appearance and similar performance as well. But the best thing about this is that it has been priced very reasonable so that maximum people can afford. Not much cars which are priced cheaper, gives good output. But this one is an exception and it is being made more awesome for the year 2016.

Grille section is comparatively smaller in this car. It is normal mesh type with the logo of Toyota embedded in center. Headlights are rounded rectangularly in shape. LEDs are replacing traditional headlights since they used to cost much higher. LEDs do not get destroyed easily even. Front damper is extended to large extent upside.

This is done to ensure much safety to the metal body part. Wheels are of 17 inches and standard quality. There are small indicator lamps fitted inside headlight box along with headlights. Fog lamps of small radius are installed on Toyota Rush 2016.

Toyota Rush 2016 rear

These lights come handy in case of thick fog layer or likewise conditions, hence the name. Ground clearance of Rush is good for off road driving. SUVs are meant for off road mainly as you all know. Suspension system is being enhanced in this facelift and so more comfort is expected.

Toyota Rush 2016: Engine and Fuel Economy

Coming to the main part of the specification- engine and power train, Toyota Rush 2016 is equipped with a 1.5 liter engine with DOHC WT-I technology. This specification forms the base version of 2016 Rush. Speed transmission for this version will be five with manual transmission. Since auto transmission is more in demand, all other versions will be released with four-speed auto transmission. Torque offered by Toyota Rush 2016 is around 109 lb-ft at 6000 RPM.

Toyota Rush 2016 interior

Rush is considered to be the most fuel resourceful vehicle in its type. It already had good fuel economy and now in all probability, it will be enhanced. This SUV looks small when viewed from outside, but is actually quite spacious. Seating capacity of Rush is seven as official. This makes a great family trip car and good for holiday trips.

Toyota Rush 2016: Release Date and Price

Due to its great interior space, luggage fitting will also not be an issue. All seats provided are adjustable now which means seats can be adjusted to increase space. There are safety features installed in this automobile as well such as ABS and airbags. This car is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year. Price has not yet been revealed for Toyota Rush 2016.

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3 thoughts on “Toyota Rush 2016 redesign”

  1. rush front and side look is very good but back side look is not up to mark, what about tyre size and total hight of total suv, ground clearance so that its very easy to me to take decision to wait for your suv

  2. agree it would help to know interior and exterior space specs – body length x width, ground clearance; and inside driver head room, leg room, cargo space. do back seats fold down flat?

    this looks like the most promising compact suv. I hope it is for sale son in usa

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