2017 Toyota Sequoia interior, redesign

2017 Toyota Sequoia was launched as a first generation SUV in 2000 and this model has given competition to full-sized SUVs produced by Ford and Chevrolet. Though second generation of this SUV was launched in 2008, many new models have been brought to market by rival companies since then. With technologies being upgraded every year, it was high time for Toyota to introduce some improvements into Toyota Sequoia in order to make it a potential competitor of the current high performance SUVs. Sequoia is Toyota’s biggest sized SUV to be released in US market and this model had its structure inspired from Toyota Tundra. Continue reading 2017 Toyota Sequoia interior, redesign

2016 Toyota C-HR specs, interior

Toyota has always been a company producing quality vehicles which give super performance. With every passing year, the automakers are coming up with something new and amazing for the buyers. This has increased the competition in the market as well. The 2016 Toyota C-HR is a compact crossover coming towards the European market. Launched in the Auto Show, Paris in 2014,the crossover caught attention of many. 2016 Toyota C-HR seems to be a bit smaller in size and much better in performance. The crossover Toyota makes are usually of small size. The new and improved platform has been used in the design of the car. This means that the vehicle will be having a new look. Along with this, it will surely be better when it comes to performance and comfort. Continue reading 2016 Toyota C-HR specs, interior

2016 Toyota Kluger redesign

The 2016 Toyota Kluger shall be a classy and well performing SUV that shall provide customers with almost all the things they may need when it comes to choosing the right SUV. This vehicle shall have powerful engines that shall enable users save more on fuel through having high fuel efficiency. It shall also have a modern and elegant design that shall make it stand out when compared with other SUVs in the market. Furthermore, the interior of this modern SUV shall be equipped with various features that shall be made using the latest technology. Continue reading 2016 Toyota Kluger redesign

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The 2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be a compact SUV that will have a unique retro look and a strong engine consequently making it ideal for off-road driving. This vehicle model was first made in 2006 where it proved to be a popular choice for many customers. Since then a number of developments and modern features have been added on the vehicle to make it suitable for the current market. However, information from reliable sources indicates that this will final edition of this vehicle. The makers of this compact SUV will be releasing this vehicle as the last edition mainly because of the high manufacturing cost. Continue reading 2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser redesign, prado

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser will soon be available. Even though Toyota Land Cruiser is an excellent vehicle and it has a good fan base, there are certain problems with this brand. Despite it being a sport utility vehicle, there have been some constant issues such as high gas intake. With 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser, it is expected that these issues will be addressed and significant improvements will be made. With the launch of 2017 version of Land Cruiser, all the problems should end soon. Continue reading 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser redesign, prado