2017 Honda Element Price, Specs

Honda company has established itself as one of the greatest car manufacturers in Japan and the world. When comparing and trying to incorporate the wishes of their customers, the Honda Company has come up with a new model to be popularly known as 2017 Honda Element. Those who don’t have a passion for large-sized models will particularly fall, in love with this model when it comes into play in the car market. Despite the miniature size of this auto, it has many amazing features that rhyme with the current technology in the market. Continue reading 2017 Honda Element Price, Specs

BMW X6 2017 Review

BMW manufacturers will continue to build their legacy in the production of cars when the release the  into the market. The release of this model is being anticipated by many. If you loved the 2016 edition of BMW, then you will love this one even more due to the various important aspects that have been included. It’s expected that this model will be endowed with high-end features at a price that will be affordable to most customers. Due to various upgrades it’s expected that the new BMW X6 2017  will be more fuel-efficient and comfortable when compared to its rivals and the current models. Continue reading BMW X6 2017 Review

2017 Renault Kadjar Specs, Price

2017 Renault Kadjar was declared as compact crossover that will be made in cooperation of Renault and Nissan. The explanation behind the cooperation is to decrease creation costs, which ought to expand its competitiveness in European C-section. The cutting edge outline of the new crossover in the family is not put at the front line. The company needs to make a solid vehicle ready to travel through all terrains. Continue reading 2017 Renault Kadjar Specs, Price

2017 Mercedes GLA Price, Specs

The new GLA is an exquisite compact luxury crossover that is ranked among the first models that went along with the company’s naming policy with three letters. For Mercedes-Benz, the third letter depicts the size and class of the car model. This new Mercedes-Benz Model is expected to increase the safety levels from what this brand is known. Continue reading 2017 Mercedes GLA Price, Specs

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 redesign

The 2017 model of SUV Alfa Romeo will be introduced in the markets of America in 2017. Few months earlier another car named as Alfa Romeo 4C was introduced in the markets by the Italian company and it earned a lot of success. Now the company is aiming that this new arrival will break the previous records. The likely competitors of SUV which are considered will be Mercedez Benz C and BMW 3 Series. Continue reading Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 redesign