Opel Mokka 2016 news

Opel Mokka 2016 was primarily developed as a subcompact crossover Sports Utility Vehicle and was released in 2013 with production initiated in 2012. According to company executives, the model is speculated to make its debut at the Motor show scheduled to be held in Johannesburg this year. It should be noted that both Mokka & its partner model Opel Adam have been specifically targeted at the South African automobile market. The current lineup has continued to grow by leaps & bounds with overall sales doubling in the past few years. This is in fact a result of superior exterior design in addition to world-class driving dynamics offered by Opel Mokka 2016. Continue reading Opel Mokka 2016 news

Opel Antara 2016 redesign

Opel Antara 2016 is a result of a continued collaborative effort by leading American automobile manufacturing brand – General Motors Corporation with European car brand – Opel. It shares the same development platform as that of Chevrolet Captive that uses the classic “Theta platform”. However, next generation Opel Antara is speculated to bear resemblance to upcoming Buick Envision and will eventually replace the old model in the near future. The compact SUV model has a 5 door configuration with a transverse engine placement. Also, it was first introduced in 2006 and is marketed under various brands including – Daewoo Winstrom MaXX, Saturn Vue, GMC Terrain in South Korea, North Korea & Middle East respectively. Continue reading Opel Antara 2016 redesign

2015 Opel Antara news

The first ever Antara model was released by Opel in the year 2006. Four years later, Antara underwent a mild facelift. A lot of time has passed by since this model got any refreshments. Lately, the Antara is being mentioned as a possible compact SUV from Opel. In fact this model was showcased during the Motor Show which took place in Chinese city of Chengdu. At the same time, the Envision was also unveiled, and it is rumored to be the basis for this upcoming 2015 Opel Antara. This new second generation model will come with a great design. Continue reading 2015 Opel Antara news

2015 Opel Mokka redesign

Opel has finally revealed that the Mokka will be unveiled in South Africa come 2015. This announcement has been made at a time when Opel unveiled Mokka and Adam during the Johannesburg Motor show which took place about one year ago. Opel stated that both Mokka and Adam were being considered for introduction in the South African auto market. This move is part of Opel’s plan to increase its profitability and expand its market share in South Africa. This model was initially released about two years ago, and this mid-size compact SUV has already surpassed other long lived models in its segment. Opel Mokka’s sales continue to double every year, meaning that it satisfies the needs of a large number of car enthusiasts. The upcoming 2015 Opel Mokka will continue to offer great driving dynamics with a fascinating physical appearance. Continue reading 2015 Opel Mokka redesign

2016 Opel Insignia SUV

Opel Insignia, also known by different names in different markets falls under Opel’s models that are scheduled to be launched as 2016 year models. In U.S and China, this model is referred to as Buick Regal while in the UK it is called Vauxhall Insignia. According to Opel’s CEO, Opel wants to focus its attention on SUV models since they believe that this plan will yield high profits. This strategy seems to begin with the 2016 Opel Insignia SUV as it was recently spotted going through a power-train road test. This model with new styling is projected to be better that previous Insignia models. It is rumored to acquire new engine choices, a revamped interior and an attractive facelift. Its new look is said to be inspired by
which was presented in the year 2013. Continue reading 2016 Opel Insignia SUV