2017 Mercedes M-Class redesign

Mercedes is certainly a very well known franchise of luxury sedans. However, its venture in to family vehicles was somewhat of a controversy during early days. The company persevered very well in the family vehicle category as well, and moved on to release multiple family cars over the years. This is how the M Class was born. A new model from this franchise is coming out soon – the 2017 Mercedes M-Class. This is a classy model which is equipped very well to be family car, and at the same time be a luxurious vehicle as well. Continue reading 2017 Mercedes M-Class redesign

2016 Mercedes G-Class changes

Mercedes G-class has been ruling the roads for 37 years now, and like any good thing, it keeps getting better and better with age. 2016 Mercedes G-Class is going to receive a few updates that would make the car more equipped to deal with competitions. Changes are primarily with respect to its under-hood engine, but to consider properly certain changes are also taking place to improve its visual aesthetics. These changes of course would not be too extreme and certainly would not interfere with the G-Class traditional look, as this car has made it obvious over the past 3 decades that it does not like to play around with its persona. Continue reading 2016 Mercedes G-Class changes

2016 Mercedes GLA release date

Small sized compact SUVs are presently much in demand, and 2016 Mercedes GLA falls under Mercedes’ ever expanding section of compact crossover SUVs which provide the sturdy and sporty features of an SUV, but at the same time are smaller in size and therefore easy to maneuver. This car is a perfect thing for urbane car lovers who want all the best features of an SUV packed into a smaller car. Sharing its platform with the much demanded Mercedes CLA, Mercedes GLA has the potential to give the likes of Audi Q3 and BMW X1 a run for their money! Let’s have a more detailed look into features of its upcoming 2016 Mercedes GLA. Continue reading 2016 Mercedes GLA release date

2016 Mercedes ML class, redesign

2016 Mercedes ML will be coming with several improvements when compared to the previous models. A lot of options will be added to this vehicle, thus making it one of the best from the auto manufacturer. Reliability, great design, luxurious and sturdiness are amongst best qualities of this top class model. 2016 Mercedes ML is best suited for people looking for luxurious car which is still suited for all seasons. Continue reading 2016 Mercedes ML class, redesign

Mercedes GLC 2016 release date, review, price

As far as the looks from leaked photographs, it can only be said that the new Mercedes GLC 2016 is a stunner from all angles. From the available pictures, it is clear that the exterior has got a lot better updates this time as compared to its previous version known as GLK. Its strongest competitor is Audi Q5 and from its overall design and power features it seems to be there may be a very good competition between the two rivals. The GLC is a very new entry to the family of Mercedes but only in terms of name only. It is a new version of Mercedes GLK having a lot of modifications. It now consists of C-class features, materials and power. However, the powertrain details of Mercedes GLC 2016 will be similar to the previous version. It now includes a few very important plug-in to impress buyers especially Chinese customers. Continue reading Mercedes GLC 2016 release date, review, price