The World today’s is full of competition, companies whether big or small are fighting for their survival. In order to maintain good market share, they are coming up with enticing models to lure their customers. If you get into the market, the most likely scenario is that automobiles from well-known companies dominate it. However, the trend seems to be changing. Recently Spanish automakers SEAT have unveiled their new full-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) dubbed as SEAT Ateca SUV. It is in the same class with Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage. It will offer sophisticated technological features while boasting sleek look. Additionally, rivals will have to watch as it will be cheaper than most of them.

SEAT Ateca SUV front

SEAT Ateca SUV – Interior Design:

The interior will be large to offer ample space to five passengers. Seats will be adequately spaced and rear ones foldable to increase luggage area. For maximum comfort, they will be adjustable and will be made from high-quality leather upholstery. The interior will have a multi-color lighting setting in order to enhance mood, especially when driving for long distances. In the cabin, the vehicle will come equipped with power steering and Driving profile; the driving profile will offer driving experience button and a wireless charger. Entertainment wise, there will be an infotainment system that will be operated through an 8 inches’ touchscreen. Connection with other devices will be facilitated by presence of USB ports and Bluetooth. Major compatible devices will be apple and android. For a safe and efficient driving, the vehicle will be equipped with blind spot detection navigation system, parking assist, and rearview cameras. General car security will be enhanced by the integration of keyless doors and tinted windows. Other available features include 7 airbags, dual-zone climate control, and full link technology.

Exterior Design:

Exterior will come with beautiful lines and curves to enhance the aesthetic of this model. The front fascia will have sleek LED headlamps and fog lamps. Grille will be less aggressive and it will be gloss black in color while bumper will be much extended. Wipers will be automatic to sense even slightest amount of rain. On the roof section, it will be fitted with chrome roof rails. On the rear side, there will be appealing tail lamps, big rear bumper, reversing cameras and double vented exhaust. This SUV will come with 17 inches’ alloy wheel.

SEAT Ateca SUV interior

SEAT Ateca SUV – Engine Specifications and Fuel Economy:

SEAT Ateca SUV is expected to come in either gasoline or diesel options. The gasoline will be offered in two variants. 1.0 l three-cylinder turbocharged. It will be capable of generating 115 horsepower. Second gasoline variant will be a 2.4l four cylinder turbocharged with capacity to produce 142 horsepower. The second engine options diesel where two variants will also be available. The first option will be 1.6l four cylinders turbocharged with power production of 115 hoursepower. Second option will be a 2.0l four cylinders turbocharged with power output of 189 horsepower. The SEAT Ateca SUV will be available in front wheel for the gasoline engine and all wheel drive for diesel. They will utilize DSG twin-clutch automatic gearbox from Volkswagen group.

SEAT Ateca SUV side view

SEAT Ateca SUV – Rumors Date and Price:

The SEAT Ateca SUV is expected to be in market by September 2016, selling at $25,500.

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