2016 Buick Envision USA

The new 2016 Buick Envision USA will be a desirable car, offered with a single type of engine and bigger body. It will have a wider market scope because of the improved and high standard equipment level with satellite navigation and improved infotainment system, in addition to powerful drivetrains and fuel efficiency. It will however, face completion from Lincoln GMC Terrain, MKC, Lexus NX, and Chevrolet Equinox. Continue reading 2016 Buick Envision USA

Hummer HX Concept Review

The new Hummer HX concept was revealed back in 2008, during the Detroit Auto show. It is an elegant off-road car featuring luxurious exterior and interior design. The automaker has adopted a handsome aeronautical theme for the model, with some elements of Jeep. For all off-road car enthusiasts, you will enjoy both comfort, luxury, and a very powerful engine. Continue reading Hummer HX Concept Review

2017 BMW X4 M40i Price, Specs

While many rumors are circulating about new crossovers, it’s now clear that German automakers are planning for a surprise in this segment. On the street, a new car is being tested, and leaked information shows that it is 2017 BMW X4 M40i. The car will be performance-boosted SUV that will be first released in the US. The visual look of this car will almost be similar to that of its relative X4. Enthusiasts of the BMW cars can confidently confirm that the new version will be a hot-headed model of the X4 segment, which will be developed to hit the track with features from the Munich-based M division. Continue reading 2017 BMW X4 M40i Price, Specs

Kia Telluride Concept

Kia’s vision for a future luxury SUV will be made possible by the Kia Telluride Concept. The new model gives a hint into the future of Kia’s technology and design, suggesting that the automaker is keen to get into the big SUV market, which is still so popular in the Northern market of the US. This car will be one of the great examples of how promising concept vehicles should look. Lovers of Kia’s vehicles will be provided with a recent design with improvements in both its interior and exterior look. The model will appear refreshing, great and luxurious to the user. Continue reading Kia Telluride Concept