BMW Urban Cross front

Next Generation BMW Urban Cross will debut in 2017

There is news that BMW is manufacturing a mini cross over which will arrive in the markets early in 2017. This car will be known as BMW Urban Cross as the predecessor is already named as X1 so there is no option to name this as X0. According to the information provided by the company representatives, the brand new car is a compact SUV and will fascinate the buyers as the size and price of the car will be less than BMW X1. The model will also be termed as 1 series sport cross.  This will be smallest SUV introduced by the BMW ever. BMW Urban Cross will be equipped with the latest technology inside and built on a new chassis. The third generation car comes in both three door and five door versions. The length of the car will be 157 inches with a weight of about 2850 pounds.

BMW Urban Cross front

BMW Urban Cross: Redesign Exterior and Interior

BMW Urban Cross will come in new and stylish exterior and interior. The company has not revealed the complete details of the design of BMW 2017 but the limited information tells us that the new design includes a roofline which is slopping like X6. Apart from it there is a multi touch system inside it to control information technology which is operated by touching without using any remote control like the previous models. The roofline will reduce the trunk space and limit it up to 330 liters only but it is believed that the car lovers will focus more on the form of the vehicle rather than on functions.

Interior of Urban Cross will be quite similar to the Active Tourer 2-Series but with more unique systems of infotainment.There are rumors that the Urban Cross will have the front wheels similar to the MINI which will enhance the performance. The car`s exterior will come in many attractive metal colors. The car will be built on a new chassis and will be nearly four meters long.

BMW Urban Cross side

BMW Urban Cross: Engine Specs

As the car borrows feature from Active Tourer 2- Series so it is expected that the Urban Cross will contain gasoline and diesel engines which are wide platted and burn cylinders up to three to four. In the coming few years BMW will produce a model which will be completely electric but at the current there are confusions about producing hybrid plug in model of the drive train.

BMW Urban Cross rear

BMW Urban Cross: Release Date and Price

According to the German Magazine of Motor, Auto and Sports, the 2017 BMW Urban Cross will be in the markets early in 2017 and will debut in the motor show of Paris most probably next year. The price of BMW Urban Cross will start from 25 000 dollars in Germany. The vehicle will be a strong competitor of the upcoming Audi Q1 and will definitely be liked by the people.

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