Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept

Mitsubishi is one of the top auto manufacturers in Japan. It has been facing crisis in American market since 2000. These problems have been biting the company slowly to an extent of announcing that it will cease its production in the North American factory. The sales of this company have been declining year by year due to what is termed as unreliable and poor quality vehicles. Despite all these challenges, Mitsubishi motor company is setting a comeback. They have revealed a concept car that will be targeting American and European markets.

The concept dubbed as New Mitsubishi eX SUV concept, a 5 passengers crossover was revealed during 2015 Tokyo motor show. According to the company’s report, the concept vehicle will be a crossover built as a variant of midsized outlander and compact outlander sports. Production is believed to kick off in 2016 autumn. The Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept concept will be designed to be a plug in, all electric-hybrid and probably a gasoline power train. Moreover, there might be other variants based in this model. It is expected that concept will be a technological hub with some astonishing features that will make it a stronger customer’s preference. Though the gasoline version might be available, the company maintains that it is aiming at producing a fully electric-powered crossover SUVs.

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept front

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept – Exterior Design:

The Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept has revealed the vehicle will look sportier with a floating body appearance. The exterior will look very curvy; it will have sleek designed headlamps and latest Mitsubishi dynamic front shield fascia. In addition, eX SUV will have angular sculpted lines, Dimensionally, vehicle will measures 166 inches long, 70 inches wide and 62 inches tall. The roof will run smoothly sloping downwards at the rear side of the vehicle. Construction of this concept vehicle will feature light materials probably aluminum, carbon fiber or light tough steel.

Concept Interior:

This concept vehicle cabin is expected is to be a tech hub, the dashboard will feature digital displays and touch pads that will ease various operations inside the vehicle. Moreover, the cabin will be made of high-quality materials. Seats configuration will ensure that occupants enjoy maximum comfort while Head up display, will make sure driver receives necessary information while driving. The center display will be for entertaining passengers. Internet connections via Wi-Fi will be available thus, GPS positioning and navigation systems might be available too. The interior will have a dual tone of white and blue colors.

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept interior

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept – Engine Performance:

The New Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it will draw its power from electric motors. Moreover, hybrid engine option might be available. Power distribution will be dual electric motors connected to all wheel drive. Electric motors will be placed in front and rear wheels, with each motor having the capacity to produce 96 hp. To power the motors, there will be a 45 kW-hour lithium-ion battery that will be placed under the vehicle compartment to increase its stability. The battery will have capacity to power this SUV for a range of 248 miles while driving at 43 miles per hour.

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept rear

Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept – Release Date and Price:

The Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept crossover is expected to enter the market in 2018. The Price is not yet revealed. However, since it is a blend between Outlander and Outlander sports, base price can be estimated to be from $30,000.

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