MG GS SUV front

MG GS SUV Concept

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) market is getting more lucrative every day. More players are working round the clock to ensure they get a share of this pie. MG motors in collaboration with SAIC motors have developed an SUV dubbed as MG GS SUV, this model was launched in Shanghai motor show in 2015 and have been production for the Chinese market. Going with current speculations, the model is intending to go international. 

MG GS SUV front

MG GS SUV – Interior Design:

Every automaker currently is racing toward making interior be more occupants friendly, MG motors are not left behind. The export version will come with a more sophisticated interior as opposed to Chinese version. Interior will be furnished with a high quality material to be more appealing. The inside space will be large enough for five passenger’s capacity, with ample leg room and headroom. Seats shall be made of leather upholstery, adjustable and rear ones foldable to accommodate more cargo. Features to be expected in the cabin include power steering that will house some of basic operation buttons. There will be a large 6.1 inches’ touchscreen display to be used to control various systems like infotainment system and displaying vehicle’s performance. Other features to be expected include navigation system, electrically assisted driving kit, and rear view cameras. Safe, convenient and efficient driving, there will be reverse cameras, rear parking sensors, cruise control, automatic brake control and hill descent control. The MG GS SUV will also be equipped with airbags and firm safety belts. The availability of some features will differ with various trims levels.

Exterior Design:

The foremost aspect a customer will always look is outside appearance of the vehicle if its design is more appealing the more it will draw their attention. MG SUV concept will be crafted in an elegant style with well-formulated curves and lines. Front part will feature a big grill with mesh like air intake slots, at the centre will be company’s octagonal badge. Headlamps will differ with trim levels; higher ones will be fitted with Xenon headlamps while lower trims will get LED headlamps. It will have an uplifted bumper and strategically fitted fog lamps. On the roof section, there will be a paranoiac sunroof. Rear part will appear longer and narrow and will come with alloy wheels.

MG GS SUV interior

MG GS SUV – Engine Performance and Fuel Economy:

The MG GS SUV will be available in two engine options all powered by gasoline. The first option will be a 1.5 l four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It will have the ability to generate 148 horsepower. The second option will be a 2.0l four-cylinder turbocharged engine, with a capacity to generate 218 horsepower and a torque of 258 pounds-feet. The engines will be connected to 6-speed automatic dual clutch. MG GS will be offered in either all wheel drive or front wheel drive. In terms of fuel, it is expected to be better than its rivals are.

MG GS SUV side

MG GS SUV – Arrival Date, Price and Competition:

The MG GS SUV is expected to go on sale in the year 2017 with an estimated base price of $23,000. The company is seeking to penetrate the US and European markets though it will face stiff competition from Skoda YetiNissan Qashqai and Nissan Juke.

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