Mercedes GLC 2016 release date, review, price

As far as the looks from leaked photographs, it can only be said that the new Mercedes GLC 2016 is a stunner from all angles. From the available pictures, it is clear that the exterior has got a lot better updates this time as compared to its previous version known as GLK. Its strongest competitor is Audi Q5 and from its overall design and power features it seems to be there may be a very good competition between the two rivals. The GLC is a very new entry to the family of Mercedes but only in terms of name only. It is a new version of Mercedes GLK having a lot of modifications. It now consists of C-class features, materials and power. However, the powertrain details of Mercedes GLC 2016 will be similar to the previous version. It now includes a few very important plug-in to impress buyers especially Chinese customers.

Mercedes GLC 2016 front

Mercedes GLC 2016: Redesign Exterior and Interior

As far as the interior of Mercedes GLC 2016 is concerned, Mercedes has committed zero compromises in giving it a luxurious look and feel. The whole body has a D shape, and the front has the design similar to C-class models. The S class follower might be interested in it because it grabbed a few style from S class too.  This will make people taste about both the classes at once. Its steering wheel, switch gear, instruments and seats have been changed to latest Mercedes style.

The new Mercedes GLC 2016 has lost the radical departure in this new model. The whole exterior design has been updated, and it now consists of modern, impressive materials and designs. The new design has got latest links towards C class with strongly raked screens angles. It has five doors, and there are plans to build another sportier model to rival against new BMW X4. Because of its design, it is said as a junior cousin of M class coupe. The GLC has a big cabin allowing five persons at a time. Like every C class car, it also has a swoopy dashboard that completes the multimedia monitor.

Mercedes GLC 2016: Engine Specs

The upcoming Mercedes GLC 2016 will have bigger wheelbase with wider tracks. This second-generation car claims to provide an engine with 4.0 liter V8 petrol engine that is the same case as AMG-GT and new C63 AMG. It’s another version will have four cylinders based V6 petrol/ diesel engine, all adopted from C class.

Mercedes GLC 2016 interior

The turbo charged diesel and petrol engine would be used with seven-speed or nine speed auto gear box. This is not the all, but buyers can ask for any additional services like rear driven services and four wheeled drives, etc.

Mercedes GLC 2016: Price and Release Date

The Mercedes GLC 2016 will be released during the middle months of 2016. Mercedes plug-in version will have driveline system and was viewed in Paris auto show. Its price has not yet been announced by the officials, but it is expected to cost a little more than its previous version.

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