Mercedes Benz ML 2017

The 2017 model is quite similar to the predecessor except for some changes in the vehicle’s exterior. It has been engineered to offer the best-in-class performance and most importantly, comfort. Here is a review of the Mercedes Benz ML 2017, its interior and exterior, engine options, price and expected release dates.

Mercedes Benz ML 2017 front

Mercedes Benz ML 2017 – Body and Designs:

The Mercedes Benz ML comes in an upgraded trim, that brings the SUV attractive look. It borrows most of its interior from its predecessor. It also brings on board a few features to add comfort and convenience as it is a luxury vehicle. The central infotainment display is larger than the 2016 model. When it comes to safety, this SUV boasts of safety belts, 9 airbags, forward collision warning, traction control, back and front parking sensors, navigation system and so much more.

When it comes to its exterior, expect more. The 2017 Mercedes ML-Class will have the same headlamps detail as in the S and C-Class. When it comes to the front design, the four-bar frontal grille and air ducts will also be closer to the bumper. It will also have a new boot design and a metal detail at the end.

Mercedes Benz ML 2017 interior

Mercedes Benz ML 2017 – Under the hood:

The Mercedes Benz ML 2017 SUV has 3 engine variations. The first one is the version which boasts of a 2.1-Liter turbocharged diesel engine that can produce up to 200 hp with 369 lb.-ft of torque. The second variation is a 3.5-Liter V6 engine that can produce 302 hp with 273 lb.-ft. of torque. The third and last engine option is a 3.0-Liter twin turbocharged V6 engine capable of producing 329 hp and 354 lb.-ft. of torque. It will be available in both manual and automatic transmissions.

Mercedes Benz ML 2017 rear

Mercedes Benz ML 2017 – Price and Release Dates:

The 2017 Mercedes ML-Class is expected to make its way to the market sometime in June 2017. To get this SUV, buyers should be ready for price around of $ 61,000 and $ 67,000. However, buyers are advised to expect exclusivity.


The Mercedes Benz ML is expected to be the best thing in the motor industry in 2017. With advanced technology, powerful engine options and upgraded interior and exterior design, this vehicle is expected to feature among the best SUVs of this age. Although it has quite a high price tag, you will realize that it is worth every penny considering its classy features and great performance.

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