Mazda Koeru Concept front

Mazda Koeru Concept – Will It Make It To Production?

Mazda is at it again but they maintain what they revealed at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was just a concept. Named Mazda Koeru Concept, many people believe that this concept is actually production ready and could be preview of the next CX-7. Koeru is a Japanese word meaning ’exceed’ or ’going beyond’ and this could explain the motive for releasing the concept. Based on the design, the Mazda Koeru Concept could easily join the upscale marque such as Jaguar, Infiniti or Maserati. From the look, this new idea is aggressive yet elegant with a number of sporty details as well as tort lines indicated by the sharp lights and the muscular wheel arches. Since it is just a concept, it is difficult to know with certainty what lies beneath the great exterior design. 

Mazda Koeru Concept front

Mazda Koeru Concept: Technical Details

No one should expect to learn everything from a motor show but the responsible companies usually say something to the effect of technical details. Mazda was no exception when they spoke of the concept. They say the car is optimized for aerodynamics over its upper body and underneath. This is to reduce turbulence as well as enhance vehicle stability when driving at speed.

The concept rides on the very same 2700mm wheelbase as the CX-5 but it is 50mm longer and 210mm lower. Mazda Koeru Concept is actually not that longer than its predecessors but the low roofline design gives the impression that it is longer and larger than the CX-5 Coup. However, it is smaller than the CX-9 making many think it is unlikely to succeed this model.

Mazda Koeru Concept interior

Mazda Koeru Concept: Engine Specs

There is scanty information on the kind of engine the Mazda Koeru Concept but may believe it will have most of the technologies seen in the models currently in the market. According to Koeru chief designer Iwao Koizumi, if the concept makes to market production, it will encompass Mazda’s latest i-Activesense, Skyactiv as well as Mazda Connect technologies. The car might be fitted with a reprised version of the usually 2.3 liter petrol but this is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, we can expect to see more new technologies being incorporated should the concept make it to full production.

Iwao Koizumi did not reveal much on the expected technical details but as with other concept-to-production examples, much will be learned if  Mazda Koeru Concept makes it to production. From all indications, it is a designer SUV and so Mazda enthusiasts should expect many other new and existing features consisted with top-of-the-range mid-sized SUVs.

Mazda Koeru Concept side

Mazda Koeru Concept: Conclusion

We can simply hope that the concept becomes reality. Mazda Koeru Concept would be a great crossover SUV if it makes it to production. For now, we cannot be sure. All we can do is to be hopeful. Some people have already fallen in love with the concept and would really like to see it in the market. Mazda has not yet committed but given prior concept-to-production experiences, they are likely to produce the car anyway. When it comes to pricing, Mazda Koeru Concept would be expected not to compare with major brands such as BMW and Mercedes as it would be more affordable.

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