Isuzu MU-X 2016 front

Isuzu MU-X 2016 new, features

Isuzu MU-X 2016 shall for sure claim a significant percentage of the SUV market once it is released. This is because this sports utility vehicle shall be endowed with fascinating modern features that will make it stand out when compared with other similar vehicles in the market. This SUV shall have a unique elegant look which shall make it more appealing compared to the previous model which did very well in terms of sale. This new vehicle 2016 Isuzu MU-X 2016 shall also have a powerful engine and a luxurious interior which will make it one of the best SUVs in the market.

Isuzu MU-X 2016 front

Isuzu MU-X 2016: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The auto manufactures who are making the Isuzu MU-X 2016 are expected to ensure that this vehicle gets a bold and elegant look. The grille of this vehicle shall be wider than in the current model to give this vehicle an aggressive look. The bumper of this vehicle shall be designed in a unique way which shall make this vehicle more noticeable. There shall also be powerful and beautifully designed LED head lights on the front of this vehicle. These head lights shall provide this vehicle with a more elegant look and shall also be enhancing visibility while driving at night or in other situations with low visibility. Furthermore, these lights using the LED technology means that they shall be power efficient. On the front there shall also be sleek fog lights and large air vents which will allow more air to get into the engine. Another outstanding exterior feature of the Isuzu MU-X 2016 is that it shall be using twenty inches alloy wheels that shall improve its appearance and also provide smoother driving experience. The back side of this SUV shall also be refreshed where the tail lights shall be made more visible.

Users of this Isuzu MU-X 2016 can expect to find luxurious and high quality materials inside the vehicle which shall enhance comfort. Some of the interior features expected in this vehicle include spacious leather covered seats which provide enough space for the people inside to move comfortably. This vehicle will be relatively big and therefore there shall be enough for seven seats and also for carrying luggage. Inside this vehicle there shall also be a nice and attractive trim which shall make the interior more relaxing. The interior temperatures shall be regulated through a dual zone climate control system and a number of air filtration option. The cabin of Isuzu MU-X 2016 shall be more users friendly and there will be a large LCD touch screen on the center of the dash board. This screen shall help in navigating some of the features and also showing the status of features such as the pressure and fuel levels of the vehicle.

Isuzu MU-X 2016 interior

Isuzu MU-X 2016: Engine Specs

Under the hood of the Isuzu MU-X 2016 there shall be a 3.0 liter four cylinder diesel engine that shall be generating 380 pound feet of torque and 130 hp. The engine shall be mated with a five speed automatic transmission and shall be available in all wheel drive. The fuel efficiency of this engine shall be below 10 mpg in highways and about 10 mpg in city. The engine shall be able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph within just six point seven seconds.

Isuzu MU-X 2016 rear

Isuzu MU-X 2016: Release Date and Price

This Isuzu MU-X 2016 powerful SUV is expected to be available in the market during the second quarter of 2016 after all the features have been tested and its base price shall be about $ 52 000.

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