Fiat Freemont 2016 front

Fiat Freemont 2016 redesign

The Fiat Freemont 2016 shall be one of the most stylish vehicles in the market once it is released. This is because even the previous models of this vehicle were stylish and elegant therefore meaning that the new vehicle will even be better. Makers of  Fiat Freemont 2016 usually concentrate a lot in ensuring that the vehicles they make fit well in the market and this new one shall not be an exceptional.

Fiat Freemont 2016 front

Fiat Freemont 2016: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The outer design of this Fiat Freemont 2016 is anticipated to be almost similar to that of the current model with a few additional features. One of the features expected to be improved in the new vehicle is inclusion of a glossy black front grille that shall make this vehicle look more elegant. The bumper of this vehicle shall also have a modern shape that shall endow the vehicle with a sportier look. On the front end of this vehicle there shall be LED head lights that shall enhance the driver’s visibility especially while driving at night. Furthermore, the vehicle shall also have restyled fog lights that shall be useful in minimizing the effects of reflective lights. The engine of this vehicle shall be getting cooling air through the large air vents on the front of this vehicle. The Fiat Freemont 2016 shall also be endowed with modern rain sensing wipers that shall have the ability to detect any wetness on the wind screen. It is also expected that this new vehicle shall have a lower center of gravity that shall in turn increase stability and driving dynamics. The vehicle is also expected to be built using light materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum with an intention of lowering its total weight. This will result to this vehicle having a higher fuel efficiency and improved speed.

One of the primary aspects of the Fiat Freemont 2016 that shall make it be ahead of other SUVs is having an interior that is endowed with modern and luxurious features. These features shall include a modern climate control system that will be operating in three zones. The interior shall also have a modern entertainment system that will be more powerful and shall have a number of input options. Further more, Fiat Freemont 2016 shall also come with the keyless entry technology and shall also have automatically opening windows. The steering wheel of this vehicle shall be electric and shall also be using the heating technology that shall make it easier to control the vehicle. The dash board of this vehicle shall also be redesigned in a way that all the features shall be within the driver’s reach. On the cabin there shall also be a large LCD touch screen that shall be used to control some of the vehicle features and also to show the status of features such as fuel and pressure levels.

Fiat Freemont 2016 interior

Fiat Freemont 2016: Engine Specs

The power train of the Fiat Freemont 2016 is anticipated to be of high standard where the vehicle shall be getting power from a the Pentastar V6 2.4 liter four port engine that shall be generating 125 hp and 220 pound feet of torque. This engine shall be mated with a six speed automatic transmission and shall be available in both front and four wheel drives. This engine shall have relatively high fuel efficiency where it shall have a combining cycle fuel consumption of 10.4 liter for every sixty miles.

Fiat Freemont 2016 rear

Fiat Freemont 2016: Release Date and Price

This Fiat Freemont 2016 is expected to be available in the market during the last quarter of 2016 where its base price shall be about $ 36 500.

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