Renault Captur 2017 Review

Irresistible model named Renault Captur 2017 will attract a lot of attention with its appearance and characteristics. Renault SUVs did not have success on the market, at least so far. They are always considered as alternative vehicles that cannot compete to the other models from the same class. With the latest model, company wants to turn this situation to their advantage. It is believed that this model will be able to conquer new fans and so increase its popularity. Considering this, it is not surprising that great effort has gone into it. It can be said that will be stylish and fashionable. All the latest technologies that other SUVs have will be present here. Continue reading Renault Captur 2017 Review

2017 Renault Kadjar Specs, Price

2017 Renault Kadjar was declared as compact crossover that will be made in cooperation of Renault and Nissan. The explanation behind the cooperation is to decrease creation costs, which ought to expand its competitiveness in European C-section. The cutting edge outline of the new crossover in the family is not put at the front line. The company needs to make a solid vehicle ready to travel through all terrains. Continue reading 2017 Renault Kadjar Specs, Price

2016 Renault Koleos Specs, Price

One of the greatest manufacturing of all time has been done by the makers of Renault. They have come up with the new and improved SUV accompanied with the best featured work the manufacturers have ever done. The makers have accommodated significant features into the car’s exterior and interior to make it look appealing. The SUV will be super in terms of performance and incredible in terms for features and look as well. The vehicle is expected to conquer the SUV world as soon as it unleashes in the market. The new look and performance of the car is going to be massive. Continue reading 2016 Renault Koleos Specs, Price

2016 Renault Kadjar Specs, Price

First time, Kadjar was presented was in the Geneva Auto Show. According to the sources, it is said that the model will be a bit bigger than the Renault Capture. The 2016 Renault Kadjar has been manufactured being inspired by the Nissan Qashqai SUV platform. Both of these cars have the same platform with similarities in engine and designs as well. It has been heard that the makers are going to release almost 110,000 copies of the model as soon as they release it in the markets. The new vehicle is expected to win hearts with its captivating look and incredible performance. Continue reading 2016 Renault Kadjar Specs, Price

2016 Renault Captur redesign

At the time the model was debuted,it was not as much admired and praised as there were tons of other competitors in the market to cherish. But with the passage of time the Captur model took place in the market and showed people what it’s made of. 85,000 units were produced and released in 2013. This was only possible due to the correct use of the vehicle and the right spread of knowledge about it. Therefore, the good news for everyone is that the makers have been working on another model that will be the 2016 Renault Captur. The last model was one of the best models produced and sold which is why Renault manufacturers were compelled to produce something distinguished once again. It will better in terms of all;performance, design and features. Continue reading 2016 Renault Captur redesign