Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept

Mitsubishi is one of the top auto manufacturers in Japan. It has been facing crisis in American market since 2000. These problems have been biting the company slowly to an extent of announcing that it will cease its production in the North American factory. The sales of this company have been declining year by year due to what is termed as unreliable and poor quality vehicles. Despite all these challenges, Mitsubishi motor company is setting a comeback. They have revealed a concept car that will be targeting American and European markets. Continue reading Mitsubishi eX SUV Concept

Mitsubishi RVR 2017 Review

Quite a fierce battle for customers among terrain vehicles, will be spiced up by one of the most popular Japanese Car Manufacturer-Mitsubishi. With its new model called Mitsubishi RVR 2017, this company plans to conquer the North American market and even other parts of world. The first model RVR was produced in 1991. Then it was designated as a compact, multi-purpose vehicle. However, since 2010 the model was labeled as crossover, which was maintained up to date. Interested drivers can expect the combination of luxury and sportiness. Continue reading Mitsubishi RVR 2017 Review

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander sport, phev

If you are a fun of an elegant and a state-of-the-heart vehicle, then good news is here for you. The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is one of those long awaited machines that will rock motor industry of its own. As it had been promised by the manufacturer, the above vehicle will be released all the dealership near you. It is anticipated that plug-in Hybrid model will be one of those popular vehicles with eco-friendly features that offers a full combat utilities. Continue reading 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander sport, phev

2017 Mitsubishi ASX interior

2017 Mitsubishi ASX will soon follow its 2016 version and there is going to be certain changes that differentiate between these two, but this Outlander Sports car is not going to have much substantial changes. The platform of this 2017 version will be same as the 2016 one, and both of them have been inspired by Mitsubishi Lancer. 2017 Mitsubishi ASX will not be what one would call a new generation car; neither is it going to bring a facelift for the brand. It is merely going to come with small alterations but would look similar to the 2016 model itself. Continue reading 2017 Mitsubishi ASX interior

2017 Mitsubishi Montero sport

According to recent news and rumors we have heard that the new Mitsubishi Montero is the next big thing and a new experience for Mitsubishi lovers.  Montero is a brand new pajero and it’s likely to be called Mitsubishi Montero. The latest version of 2017 Mitsubishi Montero is extremely stable and it’s now brought back to the market. The latest model of Montero would be highly functional and one of a kind. Continue reading 2017 Mitsubishi Montero sport