2017 Mini Rocketman Release Date, Specs

The new 2017 Mini Rocketman is not very far from hitting the market. Fans are eagerly waiting for its debut. According to credible sources, this mini car will come with lots of updates and astonishing features. It might be the first vehicle ever to have a transparent rooftop, not forgetting extra-large windows. The maker of this auto will be targeting customers who value uniqueness, implying that the mini car is going to cause a stir once it lands into the market. To distinguish it from predecessors, some uplifts, modifications and additions of technologically advanced features will be done. It will appear sportier than previous version. Continue reading 2017 Mini Rocketman Release Date, Specs

2017 Mini Countryman Redesign

The 2017 Mini Countryman is a new and gorgeous model of the countryman that has a compact design. The car is very practical for the future and has several new interesting features offered which makes it excellent and very suitable for the future. The car offers more space in its interior while also keeping its legacy intact and completely alive. The 2017 Mini Countryman will be second version of the countryman and is expected to be better in every way while at the same time reduce its production cost. Continue reading 2017 Mini Countryman Redesign

2016 Mini Countryman changes, release date

The redesigned and updated 2016 Mini Countryman will come after slight modification of its previous model bringing a lot more beauty, style and elegance. The model is expected to go for sale in the year 2017 with some great innovations done for its lovers. Compared to the previous model, this new remodeled one of 2016 will be bigger with more room space. According to the rumors, professionals have done a great job regarding several modifications and expansions. 2016 Mini Countryman will be equipped with unique appearance along with spectacular design, bigger size and the hexagonal grille. Also, it will come with different body colors like black, grey and white. Continue reading 2016 Mini Countryman changes, release date