2017 Honda Element Price, Specs

Honda company has established itself as one of the greatest car manufacturers in Japan and the world. When comparing and trying to incorporate the wishes of their customers, the Honda Company has come up with a new model to be popularly known as 2017 Honda Element. Those who don’t have a passion for large-sized models will particularly fall, in love with this model when it comes into play in the car market. Despite the miniature size of this auto, it has many amazing features that rhyme with the current technology in the market. Continue reading 2017 Honda Element Price, Specs

2017 Honda CR-V redesign, engine

Honda’s head of cars in the UK, Leo Brannan reportedly published preliminary information about the next generation of Honda CR-V. He claims that the next generations of Honda CR-V model due 2017 will be larger and have a more premium feel than the 2016 HR-V. The Japanese automaker intends to have a competitive advantage over its primary rivals Volvo XC60 and Land rover Range Rover sport hence they have decided to have the new 2017 Honda CR-V to be released as a seven seater, bigger than the previous version, and similarly it is going to spot more sophisticated features than the HV-R. Continue reading 2017 Honda CR-V redesign, engine

2017 Honda Pilot interior, review

Honda Pilot has been there for a long time now and they are working on the latest variant. In order to keep up with the extreme competition, this benchmark vehicle will adapt to a lot of changes. There have been a lot of speculations regarding this stalwarts expected features. However not all of them are true. Some upgrades are kept in reserve for the future variants. But it is true that this 2017 Honda Pilot will be coming with a platform change and therefore lots of design changes are expected as well. In terms of drivetrain upgrades, a more powerful and robust engine is expected. 2017 Honda pilot is actually a based on a concept model and therefore it has got an edge over its competitors. Continue reading 2017 Honda Pilot interior, review

2017 Honda Crosstour redesign

As the name suggest the Crosstour is more of a hybrid between a coupe and a sports utility vehicle. To be precise this car is of its kind. It is a SUV i.e. crossover utility vehicle. This vehicle resembles the Honda Accord in some aspects. However it is unfortunate that such a unique utility vehicle has not done as well as the Accord. Initially Honda released this vehicle in 2009 but it was not able to attract enough customers. In spite of offering great features this vehicle has not been able to dominate. Honda has decided to give this model another chance and now they are presently working on the 2017 Honda Crosstour. An allover performance refinement and modernization in terms of design is expected. Continue reading 2017 Honda Crosstour redesign