2017 Ford Kuga Release Date, Special Features

The 2017 Ford Kuga presents an updated version of the current Ford Kuga model. The new vehicle is expected to come with a wide range of high-tech features. The key concept behind the update of this SUV has been based on the fact that over the years, customers have been demanding for the inclusion of several key modernized features to this vehicle. The exterior design has been refreshed and it comes with numerous unique updates. This has in turn enhanced the model’s elegance. Continue reading 2017 Ford Kuga Release Date, Special Features

2017 Ford Flex redesign, concept

The giant Ford automotive is about to add another member to its family; the brand-new 2017 Ford Flex is redesigned with many improvements than its predecessors. It’s a legendary car, with a cubic physique and design and some modern touches.With its robust performance, the new SUV is powered with a 3.6 engine L V6, utilizing EcoBoost advanced. The new version will also be powered with strength of 287 HP and torque of 254 lb-ft. Continue reading 2017 Ford Flex redesign, concept

2017 Ford Escape titanium, hybrid, interior

Ford is currently working on its latest Escape crossover and trying to develop an SUV that is going to feature a major facelift in different aspects. The first images of the all new 2017 Ford Escape were released not too long ago, and although most of what is going to be included in it are still under wraps, it is believed that this new vehicle is going to have the same platform as that of Ford Focus. Here is a brief look at what we might expect with this new SUV from the house of Ford. Continue reading 2017 Ford Escape titanium, hybrid, interior

2017 Ford Edge interior, sport

The 2017 Ford Edge is currently under development and its likely crossover has led all major car enthusiasts to sit up and take attention. Its sedan-like features together with sport utility-like characteristics make it extremely stylish and versatile. Over last few years, Ford Edge has enjoyed significant popularity in various global markets and this new rendition is going to carry this trend all the more. The Ford Edge has been up until this time the company’s flagship model for European market and this new SUV is going to be all the same. So have a look at what this new vehicle has in store for you. Continue reading 2017 Ford Edge interior, sport

2016 Ford Kuga review

Kuga was first launched by Ford in 2007. After thorough research into the European market demands, Ford’s European section had decided to re-launch this SUV as an updated model, to be referred to as 2016 Ford Kuga. Changes would be technical as well as cosmetic. There would be more variations and choices for consumers, there’ll be better scope for customization and as a whole, it will come with an all new control system. The SUV as such would be a completely new model, outdoing its old features and striving towards improvement. Continue reading 2016 Ford Kuga review