2018 BMW X5 Review, Changes, Engine Options

Unlike all other brands, BMW has named this version of X5 as a Sports Activity Vehicle. To take this generation X5, the buyers need to stand back and admire it. The new 2018 BMW X5 has got all the power to overtake, and some infinite capacity. Also, stunning design that is surely going to mesmerize the city streets along with the winding highways.

Some special features include:

  • 56 EPA rated MPGe
  • Gives a maximum of 445 HP
  • Gets up to 3 rows of seating though it is optional

2018 BMW X5 spy shot

The new BMW X5 2018 has got all the power for both on and off-road drive. It has got an Optional Dynamic Performance Control that distributes the power in the rear axle. Thus improving its accuracy and agility. The Active Roll Stabilisation reduces the body roll and helps in handling the same which can let its buyers push to higher limits wherever and whenever they opt for an outing. Read mode about SUVs for 2018.

2018 BMW X5 gives all terrain luxury

It has got a broad interior space to accommodate everyone. The seats in the rear are eternally comfortable as it includes enhanced foam and offers a 3” of forwarding and backward movement. It can be adjusted accordingly so that the passengers can obtain an optimum position to access the 10.2” LCD screens and DVD drives. There is an optional 3rd-row seating arrangement along with the car’s own climate control features.

Huge Cargo Spaces

This version of X5 provides with a huge space. The occupants will hardly leave out anything while traveling in this car. Its rear seats can be folded to convert from 35.8 cubic feet of storage space to a full space of 76.7 cubic feet. It’s provided with a tension strap, four points to fasten, a cargo net and two cargo rails.

2018 BMW X5 redesign

Luxurious Interiors

Interiors of 2018 BMW X5 has got almost all the luxuries a car can offer. The buyers will be provided with optional 20-way multipurpose contour seats in different base trims. This provides limitless positioning, ultimate comfort, and elegance in terms of looks.

Stay connected

An optional Wi-Fi hotspot is provided in 2018 BMW X5 that allows the passengers to stay connected to their loved ones when they on the go or far away from their initial path. Along with this, the buyer will also be given with a Wireless Charging port that keeps them alive and charged in long journeys.


Surround view installed as a part of the ConnectedDrive gives a clear shot to all the views simultaneously. Top and side view cameras give a bird’s eye view even in the rear and either side via the 10.2” touchscreen installed. The Parking Assistant maneuvers well in tight spaces.

2018 BMW X5 Powerful Engines

The 2018 BMW X5 is upgraded with a 35i BMW’s inline 6-cylinder 3-litre engine that features Twin Power Turbo technology which helps in high precision and injecting direct fuels.  Peak torque is provided of 300 lb-ft that kicks in at 1200rpm to 5000 rpm and yielding an output of 300 HP at 5800 rpm.

There are officially two trims provided that include the X5 xDrive 35i and the X5 sDrive 35i.

The main competitor to this fantastic SUV will be 2018 Volvo XC90.

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