Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 redesign

The 2017 model of SUV Alfa Romeo will be introduced in the markets of America in 2017. Few months earlier another car named as Alfa Romeo 4C was introduced in the markets by the Italian company and it earned a lot of success. Now the company is aiming that this new arrival will break the previous records. The likely competitors of SUV which are considered will be Mercedez Benz C and BMW 3 Series.

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 front

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017: Redesign Exterior and Interior

As by viewing the likely competitors, it is evident that the car will have amazing features, design and power together with luxury and economy. The name of this model is not confirmed up till now. Some sources say that the SUV will be named as Giulia. Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 will be available to the buyers in Europe in the coming year and it will operate on the same rear wheel drive. The 2016 model of Alfa Romeo came with a lot of advancements in design and style but the 2017 model does not contain any major changes in it. The body of SUV will be built by keeping in mind the efficiency and cost reduction. Therefore light materials such as chromium and aluminum will be utilized for making the car`s exterior. This will reduce the weight and keep the SUV smooth on the road and at the same time it will decrease the cost and fuel consumption. The roof of the car along with the hood will be made by using carbon fibers. There will be dual system of exhaust on two sides; from back the car will be given a slim and sleek look while rounded back lights with LED technology will be used. Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 will be equipped with the logo of company on the centered grille which is triangular ad inverted. Alloyed rim wheels of 17 inches and a large wheelbase will also be a part of Alfa Romeo SUV.

Inside the Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 the passenger will be amazed with the comfort and luxury of the vehicle. The name Romeo itself explains that the SUV will be no doubt a romantic, elegant and luxurious drive. Advanced technology with modern systems will definitely be a part of Alfa 2017. Complete details are not available but news tells us that a roll control system together with a damping program will be added inside it.

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 interior

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017: Engine Specs

The Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 will be a powerful drive and it will possess engine of 175 liters which is turbo charged. There will be four cylinders in line. The car is a strong contestant of road as its engines will generate about 200 horse power. Part from that an additional engine will be a part of SUV which will produce torque about 260 lb feet and 250 horse power while the engine will be turbo charged 2.0 liter.

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 side

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017: Release Date and Price

Alfa Romeo SUV 2017 will be in markets in early months of 2017 but the price of SUV is not revealed.

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