2018 Mercedes GLS redesign

Mercedes is already making plans for the next generation GLS model for the year 2018. This model is said to go through a complete redesign including a new designation, material use, a new sleek grille, changed lights, a new front and even a new platform. The 2018 Mercedes GLS automaker’s main aim is for the new generation to have less weight and to have less fuel usage. The manufacturer feels that the simplest way to achieve the above objectives in the new model is by dropping the GLS well known off-road abilities.

2018 Mercedes GLS front

2018 Mercedes GLS: Redesign and Features

Information from reliable sources indicates that this model’s new architecture will come with the high ground clearance and a long wheelbase. The 2018 Mercedes GLS will weigh about 150 kg lighter that the current GLS while its fuel consumption will be 20% lower than it currently is. It will have optimized air suspension, a strong gearbox and the 4wheel drive system. This 2018 Mercedes GLS will be offered with a vast array of luxury and refinement features including the extra long wheelbase. Its bigger and luxurious cabin and the long wheelbase will display this model’s premium position. The wheels offered will include 20, 21 and 22 inches

This full-size SUV will be built at Mercedes’ Tuscaloosa Plant in Alabama alongside other Mercedes luxury wagons. The 2018 Mercedes GLS will be the company’s biggest SUV with three row seating arrangement and ample passenger and cargo space. Rumors have it that this new model will be offered in three trims, but the trims will be virtually identical in terms of equipments. However, the less expensive GLS will feature clean burning diesel while the high trim will feature a more powerful V8 engine, a more pronounced grille and other optional features. All the trims will have ample seating space of seven passengers. They also have the ability to tow a number of lifestyle accessories. The standard features in all the expected trims include heated and powered front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, a hard drive based navigation system and power folding third row seats. The exterior will have pointed angles and smooth lines. Its interior will also feature an 8-inch COMMAND infotainment system among other mechanical updates. It will also get suitable styling changes which will differentiate it from other regular variants. This future GLS will also benefit with numerous safety and security systems.

2018 Mercedes GLS interior

2018 Mercedes GLS: Engine Specs

About three power units are expected to be offered in the new 2018 Mercedes GLS. One of them is a 4.7 liter V8 producing 355 hp and 339 lb-ft or torque. Yet another more powerful engine is expected, and it is a 5.5 liter V8 generating 382 horsepower and 391 pounds-feet of torque. Still, the 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged unit generating 210 hp is expected to be available. As for the transmission, the new model will get a 4matic AWD system mated with the seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission with full variable torque distribution.

2018 Mercedes GLS: Release Date, Price, Competitors

As for 2018 Mercedes GLS exact price and release date, there is no information yet from its manufacturer. However, this model might be unveiled in late 2017 or early 2018 at a price slightly below that of its main opponents. This model will rival against other large SUV’s such as Range Rover Evoque, BMW X1 and Z4 Roadster among others.

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  1. bill puntney says:

    Interested in 2018 gls diesel preferably with touch screen and all safety features including extra side airbags . Have been trying to get prices on 2017 gls350d for 60 days. Supposedly was in production 12-01-15 no prices yet so I have my doubts about a release date for 2018 gls in dec of 2016. Gm cant get the Colorado or canyon diesel produced and mercedez doesn’t seem to be any better .

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