2018 Lincoln Navigator front

2018 Lincoln Navigator: What to Expect

As the New York Auto Show revealed, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is going to be special, though probably not as dramatic as the 2017 Navigator Concept. The silhouette of the latest Concept car that was exhibited at the auto show, with its doors open creates an image of a pterodactyl or a falcon, whichever way you choose to see it. Some have loved the design; some have disliked elements of it. But whatever your thoughts about the enormous door openings or the protruding teak wood steps on the SUV, the new Navigator is going to be difficult to ignore.

2018 Lincoln Navigator front

About the 2018 Lincoln Navigator:

With the new Lincoln Navigator, Ford is bringing its old luxury brand back into the limelight. The concept car on which the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is based gives us an idea of what to expect from the production model. When it came to the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept car, the focus of chief designer David Woodhouse was to update the dated interiors of the last Navigator.

Woodhouse wanted to create a spacious interior with a serene, nautical theme inspired by luxury yachts and sailboats. The body is long-base with only six seats and plenty of space. According to official sources, however, the 2018 model will offer seating for eight and will come in long-base and standard models. The design of the Concept took nine months. As is often the case with designers who want to showcase interiors of a vehicle, the design team also fitted the Concept car with enormous gull-wing and teak steps to invite viewers to explore the spacious and detailed interiors. It is interesting that the SUV has an aluminum body, but there is no information on whether the car that hits the market will be body-on-frame.

Exterior and Interior:

Some of the elements in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator concept will not be there on the production model, for better or for worse. The striking upward-swinging gull-wing doors on the show car may inspire hate or admiration, but they certainly can’t be ignored. They will not be a part of the production model, which will arrive with conventional doors.

The teak steps on the Concept car were similarly designed with a nautical theme in mind, in keeping with the interiors. These also won’t make it to the production model. The doors and the steps have been called a ‘fantastic exaggeration’ by Woodhouse. The beauty of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator show-car lies in the details and its elegance despite being truck-based. Compare the original 1997 Navigator and the softening of the body lines is immediately apparent. The original model was aggressive, while there is little aggression in the 2018 Navigator. The massive wheels at 24 inches have an attractive turbine-inspired radial design.

The production model is likely to contain the new mesh grille and Lincoln logo that replaced the split-wing grille on the Lincoln MKZ. The show car headlamps have two strings of lights to fit the enormous size of the vehicle – the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is likely to be the largest model to come out of the Lincoln line. The two pairs of lights will be made available in the larger cars of the production model. There is plenty of room inside the elegant exteriors. The designers eschewed the last Navigator’s double cockpit interiors to give the 2018 model a more spacious, horizontal layout.

Six large chair-like seats inside can easily fit six adults comfortably. The doors swing open to reveal nautical-inspired light-colored teak wood trim, bright polished aluminum and a calming blue hue. The dashboard on the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is far cleaner than many other luxury vehicles, lacking knobs and buttons. The designers wanted to keep the interiors as simple and clean as possible, without flinging too much information in the driver and passenger’s way.

The instrument panel is elegant and flowing through the length of the vehicle. It is fitted with seven screens, two of which can be used by the rear passengers for streaming movies or for playing games. The gear selection is made with piano keys, which may also be present in the production model. The uncrowned interior, the instrument panel and many of the screens of the show car may carry over into the 2018 Lincoln Navigator that will arrive late next year.

2018 Lincoln Navigator interior

Performance and Engine of 2018 Lincoln Navigator:

The new model 2018 Lincoln Navigator is going to come with a 3.5-liter twin turbo V-6 engine instead of the V-8 older, which tends to be a gas-guzzler. The V6 ‘Ecoboost’ engine, it is claimed, makes over 400 horsepower. The SUV will be designed with a drive train based on the latest technology to handle off-road routes and all road conditions, making it the perfect SUV to own.

As with the Lincoln Continental, it is expected that Ford will make the new SUV available with only one engine.

Overall Expectations:

Unlike other truck-based SUVs, it is expected that the new 2018 Navigator will be more along the elegant lines of the show car. It is likely to be more toned down, minus the steps and gull-wing. According to Lincoln President Kumar Galhotra, the idea behind this luxury SUV is to offer customers a quiet, calming luxury.

It is also expected that the production model will come with Ford’s new semi-autonomous technology, including pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistance, pre-collision assistance etc. The SUV may come with braking wired to a 260-degree camera and other sensors.

2018 Lincoln Navigator side

Expected Release Date of 2018 Lincoln Navigator:

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is going to be an alternative to German luxury vehicles, and the Chinese market is particularly susceptible to the Lincoln lineup’s charms. In 2015, there were 11,000 units sold in China.

It should also be noted that Ford already seems to have spent $1.3 billion on a body shop that built the aluminum-body Ford F-Series 2017 Super Duty pickup truck. According to the latest news, another $600 million is going to be invested by Ford at the Kentucky Truck Plant. This suggests the Navigator may come with an aluminum body, though there is no news from Ford on that. The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator will go on sale as a 2018 model in the second half of 2017.

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