2017 VW Touran Release Date, Price

The 2017 VW Touran was revealed early this year at the Geneva Auto Show. The event gave drivers of the VW and fans alike the chance to see what is to be expected from the new second generation VW Touran which started with a re-design concept. The first model was launched back in 2003 and only had one generation until the announcement of the 2017 VW Touran. Volkswagen have been known to be one of the most prominent manufacturers who provide the best cars for family use.

This new series of the Touran started with a basic aim of providing luxury and comfort in a combined facility. It will also come with several updated technological aspects so that drivers and passengers can appreciate it even more.

2017 VW Touran front view

2017 VW Touran – Body and Designs:

The 2017 VW Touran’s design aspects are typically based on VW. The company is focusing its attention more on creating an ideal structure that greatly promotes speed and performance. VW will use aluminum and steel so as to enhance so as to enhance the performance and speed of the car while ensuring high quality and durability. The exterior design will be based on the latest trends. This time VW has tried to create something that will attract their customers. The 2017 VW Touran is expected to have several modifications. Changes are highly expected on the grill, tail lights, bonnet, bumpers, aerodynamics, and front lights. The Grill now features horizontal openings and has been stretched more. The front has now been created with a fascinating design so as to make it more prominent. The indicators and headlights have been enclosed in a rectangular glass box that has LED technology. The bonnet of the car has several upraised margins which make a new shape. The tires are 17 inches and include quality aluminum alloy rims and the bumper has also gotten more attention this time.

The 2017 VW Touran’s interior design makes it look even more attractive. It comes with automatic door locks and a modern power steering that has been equipped with specialized buttons. The dashboard features different structures and various gadgets including fuel meters, speedometer, 7 inch HD display that has touch screen options, satellite radio, navigation control, weather updates, climate control, and other interesting options. The 2017 VW Touran has also been equipped with special ports USB, Smart-Phone charging, Google Maps, and Bluetooth. The car’s seats are adjustable and made of animal skin upholstery.

2017 VW Touran interior

2017 VW Touran – Engine and Performance:

The 2017 VW Touran mini van will be equipped with a TSI engine that has 1.2 liters of fuel capacity enabling it to produce 108 horsepower and 81 lb ft of torque. There is also rumors of a turbo charged engine with similar specifications being included in the car which will generate about 188 horsepower and 110 lb ft of torque. Diesel options will also be available. Dual clutch as well as a 7 speed automatic transmission system will be available together with BlueMotion technology. The VW Touran is expected to be able to cover at least 52 mpg in a city. The high-speed driving will be able to give the car 70 mpg due to the BlueMotion technology and lightweight structure.

2017 VW Touran rear view

2017 VW Touran – Price and Release Date:

The new VW Touran’s starting price is expected to be somewhere between $23,000 and $25,000 and its release date will be early in 2017 with its improved features.

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