2017 Toyota Sequoia front

2017 Toyota Sequoia interior, redesign

2017 Toyota Sequoia was launched as a first generation SUV in 2000 and this model has given competition to full-sized SUVs produced by Ford and Chevrolet. Though second generation of this SUV was launched in 2008, many new models have been brought to market by rival companies since then. With technologies being upgraded every year, it was high time for Toyota to introduce some improvements into Toyota Sequoia in order to make it a potential competitor of the current high performance SUVs. Sequoia is Toyota’s biggest sized SUV to be released in US market and this model had its structure inspired from Toyota Tundra.

2017 Toyota Sequoia front

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Sequoia is coming in with a refreshed design after a considerable time gap and therefore, Toyota has to employ their strategies smartly in order to capture the attention of buyers. In the view of such circumstances, visual renovations were a must and Toyota has undertaken them appropriately. Not only will the 2017 Toyota Sequoia adopt a new designing language, but it will also undergo a change with respect to its composition.

To put it simply, Toyota will make the best use of updated tech and Sequoia body will be made of lightweight material. This will correspondingly enhance the SUV’s performance and bring about better fuel efficiency. As for cosmetic changes, there’ll be upgradations to make this SUV look more modern. Buyers need to look out for a new front grille and improvised Headlights.

2017 Toyota Sequoia interior

Most of the renovations have taken place inside 2017 Toyota Sequoia. The cabin has been upgraded to meet every luxury need and provides the driver as well as passengers with soothing comfort while on long rides. Three rowed seating arrangement of this car makes it possible for eight adults to comfortably ride together. The interior is roomy and infotainment features which have newly been incorporated are equally impressive. LCD display, navigation system, audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control system, heated seats, air conditioning and rear view cameras are some of the high-tech features which have been introduced.

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Engine Specs

Sequoia currently has two engine options: a 4.7 liter V8 engine and a 5.7 liter V8 engine which approximately pumps up to 276 HP. Whether these same engines would be used for 2017 Toyota Sequoia or not still remains a mystery. However, many unofficial sites have been mentioning that Sequoia will come with a new V6 engine that will boost more power and it will be mated with either 6 speed auto transmission or 5 speed programmed transmission for minor versions. The other two V8 engines will also pose as available options and buyers might choose to go with them as well.

2017 Toyota Sequoia rear

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Release Date and Price

For the basic model, buyers can expect the price of 2017 Toyota Sequoia to fall within a range of $ 45 000 – $ 55 000. This would only be the starting price. High-end variations will be more expensive. Though Toyota has not revealed anything formally about Sequoia 2017’s release date, words going around strongly suggest that it would in the month of July, 2016.

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