2017 Toyota 4Runner front

2017 Toyota 4Runner redesign, concept

2017 Toyota 4Runner is another entry into the Japanese maker’s line of tough off-road SUV. With a build quality that can cope with the extremes in most terrains and an interior that is best suited for long journeys, this new model will exceed all expectations we have from it. 2017 Toyota 4Runner will probably have four sub models based on the previous editions: TRD Pro, Limited, Trail and SR5. It will offer direct competition to models like the Pathfinder series from Nissan and HR-V from Honda.

2017 Toyota 4Runner front

2017 Toyota 4Runner: Engine and Fuel Economy

If 2017 Toyota 4Runner does not carry on with the concept of previous drivetrains, then we can expect a more powerful V8 engine over the current V6 and V4. It can have a displacement of over 4 litre with the possibility of being inter cooled and twin turbocharged.  Power generation could be well over 270 horsepower and torque could easily cross the 280 lb ft figure. Engines will be more fuel efficient, figures lower than 20 mpg could be possible for cities, in highways it could be well below 17 mpg.

A five speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive system will be standard across all models. Other features that control the car’s dynamics are Traction Control Unit, Antilock Braking System, Rear Differential Lock and Terrain Mode. The Multi-Terrain mode will have preselects like Grass, Snow, Mud and Beach to assist the driver using an intelligent car management computer.

2017 Toyota 4Runner: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Amongst Toyota SUV’s, 2017 Toyota 4Runner sports the best look. It has a superior build quality that is extremely important in rocky terrains. Projector beam head lights and tail lights will have LED illumination. There is also a pair of powerful Xenon fog lamp. Ground clearance is better than most other SUV’s.

A special feature of 2017 Toyota 4Runner is that two rear row seats can be folded down completely to avail a huge cargo space of over 50 cubic feet in volume. It has a seating capacity of 8 spread across three rows. Perforated leather covered seats will take comfort a next step ahead, while trims will have an option to be decorated with premium materials like wood, metal and leather. The sound system included in the package will probably have over 15 speakers by JBL, as with all previous models. Steering wheel will have audio system control buttons built in them. A touchscreen of over 7 inch display size will be on the dashboard having applications for Navigation, Entertainment, Security, Accessories and Dynamics Control. Wireless connectivity over HD Radio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be standard.

2017 Toyota 4Runner interior

As 2017 Toyota 4Runner will be utilized for off road and tough terrain travels, it has numerous security features standard across all models. 8 airbags and Side impact door will protect travellers in case of collision. Tire Pressure monitoring system and Star Safety system may be available with certain models.

2017 Toyota 4Runner: Release Date and Price

Price for the lower 2017 Toyota 4Runner will be near $ 30 000. Models with more features and a better engine will cost more. The highest priced variant could be close to $ 45 000.

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