2017 Ramcharger front

2017 Ramcharger concept

April 1, 2015, Americans most off road SUV is back to hit the market. The 2017 Ramcharger is one of the full sized SUV on the planet with the electric locking front features and rear differentials, Bilstein shocks, underbody skid plate protection, custom built warn 12,000 pound winch, electronic disconnecting sway bar and 33 inch off road tires. 2017 Ramcharger will be available in three trim models i.e. Tradesman, Laramie and SLT.

2017 Ramcharger front

2017 Ramcharger: Engine Specs

The 2017 Ramcharger is well adorned with technology to conserve the fuel. It delivers more power along with the better fuel saving. Whenever the conditions allow, for instance in highway cruising, this system, shuts down the four cylinders impeccably to conserve the fuel.

The HEMI 6.4-liter has been offered along with the 66 REF automatic six speed transmissions. It gets connected to a BorgWarner 44-47 manual transfer case. The axel is 9.25 inches, it is in the front. Moreover at the rear the value is 11.5 inches. It delivers power via pinion and ring ratio of 4.10:1.Direct rotating force is delivered to a 33 inch wheel/tire combination through the robust rear axle shafts that have been upgraded to 38 mm.

2017 Ramcharger side

2017 Ramcharger: Redesign and Features

Front is 9.25 AAM, front ring gear: 235 mm (9.25 inches), front pinion: 98.3 mm, front axle shaft diameter: 35 mm. Similarly on the other hand, rear is about 11.5 AAM, and rear ring gear is 292 mm, rear pinion: 121.3 mm, and diameter of rear axle shaft is 38 mm.

The 2017 Ramcharger has suspension system that is very unique. Some of these were particularly designed for the Power Wagon. It has the control arms and Bilstein shocks which are just more than 2 inches of lift and spring rates.

In order to make sure the stiffness of roll, the vehicle has advanced 3 link front suspensions. In order to incorporate axle articulation and additional flexibility, the Ram has been equipped with high joints movements to axle mount from the control arm. Further suspension flex is reached through electronic sway bar. This bar allows the movement of front axle to be more independent of the frame of the truck.

The vehicle is now available in three trim levels i.e. Tradesman, Laramie and SLT. All these trim levels offer legendary Ramcharger’s capabilities in a value oriented package. The Ramcharger Laramie offers more luxury features and comfort while SLT provides a mix of off road components and comfort. It will be very right to say that each of the three Ramcharger models has its own look and style in every sense and manner.

2017 Ramcharger interior

The 2017 Ramcharger reaches a ramp travel index i.e. RTI of 590. At the same time though 2017 Ramcharger is equipped with off the road components but owners appreciate towing capacity to about 10,810 pounds and payload up to 1,490 pounds.

2017 Ramcharger: Release Date and Price

So far there has been no date announced for the release of the Ramcharger. Same goes true for the price of the vehicle.

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