2017 Mini Rocketman Release Date, Specs

The new 2017 Mini Rocketman is not very far from hitting the market. Fans are eagerly waiting for its debut. According to credible sources, this mini car will come with lots of updates and astonishing features. It might be the first vehicle ever to have a transparent rooftop, not forgetting extra-large windows. The maker of this auto will be targeting customers who value uniqueness, implying that the mini car is going to cause a stir once it lands into the market. To distinguish it from predecessors, some uplifts, modifications and additions of technologically advanced features will be done. It will appear sportier than previous version.

2017 Mini Rocketman front

2017 Mini Rocketman – Features of Interior and Exterior:

Everything in this mini car will be designed to offer an outstanding feeling to the consumers. Going into the interior, it will be graced with some fine finishing high-quality materials. Inside will be fitted with glowing lights to enhance its beauty. There will be enough space to accommodate three seats, which will have a capacity of four passengers. Seats will be made of Napa leather, with each seat having an adjustable headrest. The cabin will come with lots of latest technologically advanced components. To start with is stylish power steering to make driving more fun. Behind the steering, will be 3D graphic gauges such as speedometer. Other features will include automatic braking system, traction control, and automatic airbags, parking assistance, rearview cameras and strong safety belts. To increase the vehicle security, car alarms will be availed. To make it possible for the connection of the vehicle and other media devices it will be equipped with Bluetooth and USB ports.

Exterior Design:

The company will dwell much on the outside appearance. There will be much of additives to 2017 Mini Rocketman as opposed to earlier models. To begin with, front section will enjoy LED technology headlamps with strong optics. This will give the driver advantage when driving under low visibility conditions. The size of bumper and grill will be less conspicuous. On the rear boot will be opening like a drawer and a two tips exhaust system. There is speculation that 2017 Mini Rocketman concept will be equipped with a transparent rooftop made of either glass or a tough plastic material. Windows will be extra-large and C-shaped doors. Body will be build using light materials to lower overall weight and increase fuel economy. To offer customers a wide range of choices the MINI Rocketman will be offered in several colors and will come with 18 inches wheels.

2017 Mini Rocketman interior

2017 Mini Rocketman – Engine Performance and Fuel Economy:

The 2017 Mini Rocketman will utilize an engine that is similar to Mercedes-AGM M178. This engine will be 3 cylinders with a displacement of 1.5liter. it will have the capacity to generate 134 horsepower and a torque of 169 pounds-feet. Power will be connected to a manual or automatic transmission system. On the fuel economy, this car will be among the best in the market, as it will achieve 75 mpg in the city and 91 mpg in the highways. Acceleration wise it will be able to achieve 0 to 60 in just 7.5 seconds and maximum speed will be 134 mph.

2017 Mini Rocketman side view

2017 Mini Rocketman – Price and Release Date:

2017 Mini Rocketman is expected to be availed to customers by last the quarter of 2016 and will be selling at $15,000.

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