2017 Mercedes M-Class redesign

Mercedes is certainly a very well known franchise of luxury sedans. However, its venture in to family vehicles was somewhat of a controversy during early days. The company persevered very well in the family vehicle category as well, and moved on to release multiple family cars over the years. This is how the M Class was born. A new model from this franchise is coming out soon – the 2017 Mercedes M-Class. This is a classy model which is equipped very well to be family car, and at the same time be a luxurious vehicle as well.

2017 Mercedes M-Class front

M Class vehicles from Mercedes have a very good reputation in producing classy family cars across the world. Their cars are certainly quite safe, and include various futuristic features and specs that can easily blow your minds. Comfort and style is never an issue with Mercedes cars as well. This is the reason as to why people favor style and comfort, and goes for an M Class car. This 2017 Mercedes M-Class is certainly going to extend the customer base with its new features and additional changes.

2017 Mercedes M-Class: Engine Specs

Performance is not mostly the issue at choosing a good family car, but who does not like a good performing car with some punch? This is where Mercedes supersedes all other family cars. This 2017 Mercedes M-Class model is equipped with an outstanding engine configuration. It has a 3.0 LITER Twin Turbo V6 cylinder engine that can effectively produce a max power output of 333 PS, along with 354 lbs. feet of max torque.

Previous M Class models used to have 7G TRONIC 7 speed auto transmission, but this 2017 model will bring out the latest 9G TRONIC transmission modules in order to replace the previous version. Blue TEC engines will replace the previous 4 cylinder ones in order to produce better fuel efficiency and reduce increased Co2 emission.

2017 Mercedes M-Class side

2017 Mercedes M-Class: Redesign Exterior and Interior

There has not been much discussion regarding the exterior and interior design changes in this 2017 Mercedes M-Class. One thing that has been pretty much confirmed by the officials is the state of the art luxury materials that will be included in higher trim models. There might be a chance of altering the exterior of this model with a better front fascia and improved grille design. A single bar grille might be present, with modified lights which include daytime running lighting as well.

Mercedes is also considering the option of upgrading the interior interface with the help of their latest COMAND online system. There has not been any confirmation on this yet. In other words, this car might be equipped with lots of additional features – most of which cannot be confirmed presently. Safety features are also quite good in 2017 Mercedes M-Class, including the introduction of child support and dual ABS.

2017 Mercedes M-Class interior

2017 Mercedes M-Class: Release Date and Price

There is absolutely nothing on this 2017 Mercedes M-Class as far as its pricing attributes are concerned. It is quite possible that the officials have not decided the figure as of yet. However, 2017 Mercedes M-Class is releasing all over the world by early 2017.

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