2017 Mercedes GLE front view

2017 Mercedes GLE Specs, Engine

Although Mercedes is best known for its elegant sedans, the following model is a prove that this company is good in anything they focus on. The model that we are talking about is the 2017 Mercedes GLE. This fantastic SUV embraces everything what adventuristic drivers wanted. It will be aggressive, sporty and with a powerful engine. It will be created for different off road terrains. However, due to the attention that is paid to safety, it may be also marked as a large family SUV. Anyone who loved M class, will love this vehicle, which is improved version of the third generation of the mentioned class.

2017 Mercedes GLE front view

2017 Mercedes GLE – Simplicity at its best:

By looking the new 2017 Mercedes GLE can be concluded that this SUV is strong and durable. The body is designed to emphasize the aggressiveness of the vehicle, but it will not miss elegance. Will retain similar dimensions as the predecessor, but it will lose some height. The front part will be very stylish. There will be the distinguishing mark of the company and a wide grill. The bumper will be pretty stylish, and most attention except the company sign will attract headlights. It will be sharp and long with LED technology for better look. Convex lines on the sides will make this SUV even longer than it is. At the rear part will be wide lights. The roof will be slightly down toward the tail.

The interior of the 2017 Mercedes GLE will show luxury. The first indicator will be the seats of the finest leather. In addition to the seats, steering wheel will be covered with leather too, for a better feeling when operating. The seats will not be comfortable only on touch, but it will also provide the best body support to the driver and passengers. In addition to the leather, there will be used chrome and wood, and the color that will prevail is black. Cargo space will not be as big as in ML but it will be quite sufficient. There will be a touch screen size of 8 inches through which will be provided a variety of information, and entertainment facilities. Great attention will be paid to safety. So there will be a brake system in an emergency cases, Traction Control, a camera that shows the blind spot, park assist and more.

2017 Mercedes GLE interior view

2017 Mercedes GLE – Engine Performances:

It will come in few versions. First one, GLE 350 will include V6 engine which will have an output of 302 HP and rear or all wheels’ drive. Second is GLE 400 4MATIC which will offer twin turbo V6 engine and 329 HP. The next GLE 300d will have all wheels drive and 201 HP diesel unit. The strongest engine will have plug-in hybrid and will be able to produce 436 HP. This engine will be called GLE 550e 4MATIC and that is the first time that Mercedes use hybrid engine in SUV model.

2017 Mercedes GLE side view

2017 Mercedes GLE – Price and Release Date:

New 2017 Mercedes GLE will be available on the end of 2016. It price will depend of engine type, but price for base model will be around $52.000.

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