2017 Land Rover Discovery front

2017 Land Rover Discovery sport, new

Change is inevitable, especially when you are living in an age of modern technology and improved lifestyle. Land Rover is a very popular and respected name in the automobile business. Their latest model includes a fan favorite 2017 Land Rover Discovery. Its previous versions have been quite popular among customers. This 2017 version will be completely different from its predecessor. Why is that?

2017 Land Rover Discovery front

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Redesign Exterior and Interior

This is because 2017 Land Rover Discovery will consist of various latest technology and improvements which were not present in earlier models. These features are certainly quite refreshing to have, and they will make lots of improvements to this franchise in the long run. Since this 2017 Land Rover Discovery model primarily focuses on family vehicle category of cars, space and safety is a major issue as well. Land Rover’s latest interest in enhanced safety specs will certainly provide customers assurance about this new model.

There will be lost of important changes with respect to this new 2017 Land Rover Discovery in terms of its design and other additional features. Dimensions of this car will be altered, thereby making it a bit longer than its previous models. Reports suggest that a new aerodynamically stable design will be implemented, thus providing better handling specs and improving control and performance of this car.

In addition to that, interior specs will be slightly modified in order to modernize certain aspects of it. These include a better roofline, with adequate head space and leg room. There are certain rumors that officials have decided to include an 8 inch touch screen interface in order to implement luxury elements in its interior. Other important features include wireless connectivity, improved navigation, better audio quality speakers, as well as complete leather upholstery.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior

Most of the exterior design in this new 2017 Land Rover Discovery has been inspired by Range Rover Evoque. So customers can certainly expect lighter body parts, with aluminum and carbon grille design, as well as improved head and tail LED lights. There is also a new moon roof for better visibility. Steering control has been improved, with better suspension features and alloy wheels.

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Engine Specs

There has always been a genuine admiration for good performance from Land Rover cars. This 2017 Land Rover Discovery is not going to be an exception to that rule. This luxury family vehicle will be equipped with a 2.0 LITER Turbo charged inline 4 cylinder engine. This engine has been made particularly for this vehicle by Ford. Even though it is capable of producing better output such as 240 HP of max power as well as 251 lbs. feet of torque, there is still some doubt regarding the feasibility of this engine.

Some experts say that this engine might be good under normal circumstances, but it cannot compete with Audi and BMW’s 4 turbo cylinder concept due to its lack of responsiveness. Still, the current engine will be improved in later variants of the car. Acceleration is quite good for a family car.

2017 Land Rover Discovery rear

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Release Date and Price

There has not been an exact figure for the base price of 2017 Land Rover Discovery. However, sources indicate that it might lie somewhere between $ 38 920 and $ 45 000.

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