2017 Kia Sorento release date, interior

Although Kia Sorento has not been there for a long time yet it has managed to build a impressive customer base in the country. The reason for its success is not solely due to the fact that Kia always offers a very affordable price tag but to the fact that this vehicle has been consistently doing well. Previous variants having done good business, the company has decided to release the 2017 Kia Sorento soon and this time it will offer even more spacious interiors. Not only that but also the 2017 Kia Sorento will come with more powerful and efficient engine and there will be some design upgrades too.

2017 Kia Sorento front 1

This variant could be available in more than one trim in future but there is no confirmation regarding that. To add to that 2017 Kia Sorrento will face rivalry from vehicles like Honda Traverse, Pilot and Toyota Highlander.

2017 Kia Sorento: Redesign Exterior and Interior

As we have mentioned earlier 2017 Kia Sorento will feature more spacious interiors. That being said it is likely that this new variant will adapt to a new wheelbase that will be wider and longer than before. But then that’s the most of major redesign the 2017 Kia Sorento will be getting. Most other design upgrades will be minor and for rest of it Kia will likely be clinging to its typical design. Previous design was pretty good and honestly there were not many scopes for improvement. It already offered in best in range functionalities. Its cabin was classy and comfortable. It was up to date with the latest technological enhancements. Exterior changes of 2017 Kia Sorento will mainly include new LED fog lights and sharper grills. To add to that it will be equipped with a basic audio and infotainment system.

2017 Kia Sorento interior

2017 Kia Sorento: Engine Specs

2017 Sorento is last the last upgrade of the third generation and therefore the powertrain upgrades are likely to be heavy. It will be released in two variants each with a unique engine and a not so unique gear system. The basic variant will feature an engine of 2.4 L which easily generate up to 188 horses and produce a minimum torque of 240 Nm. Pickup will range between 10 to 11 kmps. The second engine in line will be a 2.2 litre one generating more than 200 horses and it will have a torque of 440 Nm.

There is a possibility of a third generation litre engine whose power output will be around 185 HP but Kia has not revealed anything about it yet. For these engines the pickup is likely to double and all of them offer improved fuel consumption rates. Last but not the least they will be combined with eight speed programmed gear systems.

2017 Kia Sorento front

2017 Kia Sorento: Release Date and Price

Previous variant of 2017 Kia Sorento has been in released just a few days ago and the release date of the new variant is still unknown. But since the last variant was released midway it is like that the 2017 will hit the market by the middle of next year. Going by the latest market speculations, this vehicle is likely to be available for around $30k but the exact figures are yet to be known.

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