2017 Honda Element front look

2017 Honda Element Price, Specs

Honda company has established itself as one of the greatest car manufacturers in Japan and the world. When comparing and trying to incorporate the wishes of their customers, the Honda Company has come up with a new model to be popularly known as 2017 Honda Element. Those who don’t have a passion for large-sized models will particularly fall, in love with this model when it comes into play in the car market. Despite the miniature size of this auto, it has many amazing features that rhyme with the current technology in the market.

2017 Honda Element front look

2017 Honda Element – Interior and Exterior

Not many would have expected this, but the 2017 Honda Element will feature a small-sized body framework. The model has four seats that can accommodate about six grown up adults but the fact that this model is an SUV is what makes the model to appear small in shape. Despite the small size, enough care has been taken to leave enough space for leg room and headrest. The cabin also features a medium-sized luggage space. LED technology has been used in a major way, especially in the tail lights and headlamps. Headlights will be slightly enlarged to increase the field of vision and improve visibility. A LCD has been placed on the center console, and this will provide the driver with the details of the infotainment system and access to control various aspects of the model.

The front seats have received an armrest fitting for improving the comfort during long journeys. All the seats available are well adapted for any journey whether long or short. Due to the provision of more headroom, strain while driving will be much reduced. Some of the latest technological specifications in this model include Bluetooth audio control, high-definition satellite radio, a satellite-guided navigation system that works in combination with the GPS and other features. The audio system has a surround music feature that makes the listener believe that the music is coming from all directions.

A rear view camera has been included to improve the experience of parking the 2017 Honda Element. An advanced locking system will be an enough protective measure for the model. Plastic that will be black in cover will be the most notable on the front facade. The wheels material will be made of alloy, and their sizes will be mostly around seventeen inches. Some of the safety features are going to include traction and stability control, airbags, lane departure warnings and cross traffic warnings.

2017 Honda Element interior view

2017 Honda Element – Engine and Performance

The 2017 Honda Element boasts of a high-performance engine that will be fuel-efficient. The engine will have four cylinders with a capacity of 2.4 liters. This engine will have a power output of 166 hp and a torque of 160 lbs. The 2017 Honda Element model will get to achieve a top speed of 112 mph. The engine utilizes the fuel available to maximum level.

2017 Honda Element side look

2017 Honda Element – Price and Release Date

The 2017 Honda Element will come into play in the car market in the late quarter of 2017. The model prices are being estimated to be in the range of $18,000 to 20,000. This prices may vary according to due to demand and other market factors at the time of release.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Honda Element Price, Specs”

  1. so glad to see the element return. best car I ever owned and drove. see many many used elements on the road today . people bought them quick. advise me when it will be in a dealer ship

  2. Hip Hip Hooray — happy to hear the Honda Element is coming back — the perfect dog car. Please let me know when they will be at the dealer ship, might run before they all all sold out:) Thank you for bringing the best dog car back ever!!!!

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