2017 Ford Explorer front

2017 Ford Explorer sport, review, redesign

A future car, a power package and a tread into the unknown path of adventure – 2017 Ford Explorer is basically all that you ever wanted in a medium sized cross over SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) from American automobile giants Ford. Although being tagged off as a medium sized SUV, this monstrously big car can comfortably accommodate all of your family in its spacious cabin. This car has been a choice of the people since way back in the 1990s when it was first launched and is still going strong. Over all these long years, the customers and Explorer faithful has seen little changes in this hugely popular SUV. But now, they are up for something big come the year of 2017. Revolutionary changes of 2017 Ford Explorer are up for you in its sleeve.

2017 Ford Explorer front

2017 Ford Explorer: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Although no specifics have been officially issued by the Detroit based automobile giants, speculation among experts is never far away. In fact, experts do have something that throws ample light upon the latest edition of 2017 Ford Explorer. Updates on this widely held medium sized crossover SUV 2017 Ford Explorer will include improved aerodynamic engineering with a well improved body work. Its new muscular physique will excite one and all as it will show off some of the highest degrees of class and exoticness. Aggressive design is prevalent that perfectly blends sporty looks and luxurious attire.

We have sleek and narrow head lamps lining the corners of a new redesigned grille in the front end. Tail lamps too are up for redesign and facelift with an angular shape to be the base of their design. LED technology has been used in both sets of front lamps and tail lamps to provide better lighting which is more efficient and more reliable.

Besides, wheel covers have been improved and material of built that has been used is very light in weight so as to reduce the fuel consumption.

The impeccable and debonair new look continues to be the main theme in the interior designing as well. The cabin has three rows of seats so as to accommodate seven fully grown adult human beings. This is matched by a sporty and dashing dash board that boasts of a touch screen panel which houses the infotainment system and a new navigation system. This latest 2017 Ford Explorer will also have a new sound system, a climate control facility and USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

2017 Ford Explorer interior

2017 Ford Explorer: Engine Specs

With improved looks, the 2017 Ford Explorer will also come with an improved engine under its hood. Power will be provided by a 3.5 litre V6 that will effectively notch up a power of up to 290 brake horsepower and a torque of around 255 pound feet. Another additional option will show itself in the form of a 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6 unit that produces even more power at 365 brake horsepower as well as a torque of 350 pound feet. Both these engines are coupled with a nine speed automatic transmission which supports both front wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

2017 Ford Explorer: Release Date and Price

An estimate price of this 2017 Ford Explorer is quoted to be around $ 30 000 which makes this highly classy SUV an affordable option.

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