2017 Ford Bronco front

2017 Ford Bronco svt, price, raptor

The latest model of 2017 Ford Bronco will be introduced with a lot of new changes in design, style and technology. This will be the first SUV of Ford which will come under the first generation of cars. The car manufacturing company is working on this model and it is hoped that the Ford lovers will be able to see 2017 Ford Bronco in the coming year. The company has not produced any cars in this segment so on the occasion of the 50 years celebration of the company they can give this gift to their customers. Moreover Bronco will add to the fame of the company.

2017 Ford Bronco front

2017 Ford Bronco: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The car has a perfect timing of its release as there are very less competitors. As Ford is quite old and reliable car manufacturing company so it will not be a difficulty to get the ratings. There are lots of changes that are made to make Bronco more stylish. The 2017 model will come with new design of the outer body as well as the inner cabin.

2017 Ford Bronco will be lighter in weight and for this purpose light material will be used in making its body. This quality makes it an economical vehicle which will consume less fuel. Apart from this the latest start and stop system is introduced inside it. But the function of this system is unknown at the moment. Grille shutters are also added which will enhance its beauty. The exterior part is given an aggressive look with a boxy shape. The size of SUV is not too large but it has a medium one. The designers have tried to give it a trendy look by not trying to add a lot of modern and new things in it. Headlights have a frame of squared shape and lights are rounded. The placement of headlights is in such a way that that it gives them around appearance. In addition to this there is a grille which is comprised of three grids.  Side mirrors have rectangular shape and they are quite strong and large. There is a single exhaust pipe and a pair of cloud lights.

2017 Ford Bronco interior

2017 Ford Bronco: Engine and Fuel Economy

The brand 2017 Ford Bronco SUV is a powerful vehicle with twin engines. The engine consists of V6 5.0 liter twin turbo which will generate 365 horse power and torque about 420 lb feet. Additionally there will be two power trains. First will be V6 turbo charged and it will generate a horse power of 325 and a torque of 375 lb feet. The second engine is much stronger and it will be included in the high models of Bronco series. Moreover an optional engine will also be introduced which will produce 365 horse power and torque about 420 lb feet. This optional engine will be V6 3.5 liters.

2017 Ford Bronco rear

2017 Ford Bronco: Release Date and Price

2017 Ford Bronco is expected to debut in early 2017 as a power off-road crossover but the price is still unknown.

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  1. This is a vechile people want so Ford won’t build it . If they did it would not look like this . If they did you should be able to get several motor options including F-250 and F-350 options .

  2. Don’t be a poseur, build it like you did back in the day what it was made for. This looks just like the rest of them go to the mall trucks. Give it some character of it’s own and not follow the crowd.

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