2017 BMW X1 front

2017 BMW X1 changes

BMW X1 was released for the first time in 2009 and only a few months ago we saw a complete redesigning of this car when it was presented as the 2016 model. No doubt these German carmakers excel in the art of producing luxurious crossovers and X1 stands out as a burning example. 2016 version brought in numerous upgradations in the hybrid’s exterior and interior designing. Therefore it can safely be guessed that 2017 BMW X1 is not up for a major makeover. It will retain what has just been introduced. Only performance changes will be brought about, since BMW is known for introducing its performance features in its second year.

2017 BMW X1 front

2017 BMW X1: Redesign Exterior and Interior

No major changes will be incorporated and 2017 BMW X1 will look similar to its 2016 model. Body of this car will be constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber, that is to say, lightweight material and this is going to bring about an improvement in fuel consumption as well as aero efficiency. What makes this car so attractive is its slender and sporty look which simply cannot be overlooked. If anything, BMW has worked on further highlighting this X factor.

Hence, they are bringing about a hybrid model. Front end of X1 has received alterations, including a new grille which looks pretty cool with its new headlamps, exhaust tips and bumper. X1 will also become smaller from the outside but at the same time, it is supposed to become more spacious from the inside. Basically, BMW is evolving a package of a sportier look with better comfort.

2017 BMW X1 interior

Interior of 2017 BMW X1 will comprise of finest leather upholstery and will also see a creative use of chrome and aluminum. It will also be roomier than it previously was. There’ll be seating arrangements for 5 grown-ups and 2 children. Infotainment features will be at par with BMW’s standards and will provide no scope for complaints. All the high-tech features a luxury car can sport will be available inside X1. Same goes for safety features. BMW is not going to be left behind and will be providing with all sorts of modern and convenient control systems that giant companies have got on offer.

2017 BMW X1: Engine Specs

BMW X1 presently runs on a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with four chambers. This engine will be one of the available options for 2017 BMW X1. It has a capacity of producing 228 HP and a torque of 258 lb-ft. There will also be another power unit, but an exact configuration of that engine is still unknown. For European models, there will be a diesel engine. All these engines will be coupled with eight speed auto transmission or six speed manual transmission. BMW is also working on reducing the model’s Carbon Dioxide emission, thereby making it more environment-friendly.

2017 BMW X1 rear

2017 BMW X1: Release Date and Price

2017 BMW X1 will be made available in market by early next year, that is, in 2016. Price of its base model 2017 BMW X1 is expected to start from $ 31 000 while its superior versions will cost more and might reach up to $ 50 000.

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