2017 Audi Q3 front

2017 Audi Q3 redesign

Audi is working with the number of models available in the market. There are almost 15 models available in the market with the number of specifications. Some of the models available are A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5 and Q7. Audi Q3 is one of the famous models. Audi Q3 is the smallest automobile car in the Audi produced cars. It was designed on the similar patterns of Volkswagen Tiguan. The 2017 Audi Q3 will be available in the market redesigned.

2017 Audi Q3 front

2017 Audi Q3: Engine Specs

This new designed 2017 Audi Q3 is very comfortable and attractive for its customers. The 2017 Audi Q3 will be having different power train for petrol and diesel. This will include a 2.5 litter cylinder and a TFSI engine that will create 340 horsepower. The car will also be facilitated with twin turbo with 2.0 liters TDI which will be capable of creating 240 horsepower. The car is capable to achieve 60 mph simply in just 6.8 seconds. The maximum speed of car is limited to 145mph. The car will have modern interior designs with rich packs. The car is equipped with modern technologies like 4G LTE and WIFI for connectivity. In the centre console, there is a provision of flip up screen. The car also has Audi MMI system.

2017 Audi Q3 side

2017 Audi Q3: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The seats of the car are ergonomic with the ability to customize position. The seats will be covered with leather cover which will be available in three different colors. The dash board of the car will be available in different colors like walnut brown, aluminum and silver. Another feature is added that the front seats will be heated. The car will be equipped with the touch screen of 7 inch and also with the navigation system. There are also optional functions like HD radio, SiriusXM traffic and also functions like parking sensors, back side air bags, back view camera and blind spot detection.

2017 Audi Q3 interior

The exterior of 2017  Q3 designed in such a way that it will look more edgy and sportier than previous models. There will be inclusion of new front grill.  The top of the car will be redesigned in such a way that it will increase air intake. The front lights of the car will also be reshaped. There will be daytime running LED lights as well as back lights also.The back part of the car is also designed differently. It has 60 degree cut which will give the car slimmer look like tail. The Audi Q3 has a very tight competition with BMW X1 when it comes to driving competition.  The car will be released in the start of 2017.

2017 Audi Q3: Release Date and Price

The price of 2017 Audi Q3 set by the company is very reasonable and according to the expectations of the customers of the car. The price of the car set by the company is approximately $ 30 000. 2017 Audi Q3 will be available in the market in early 2017.

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