2017 VW Golf SUV Review, Powertrain

The highly anticipated 2017 VW Golf SUV is neither a full-blooded off roader nor a flashy Cross-Golf. Instead, VW has specifically designed the Golf SUV to appeal to the types of consumer who regularly purchase a crossover vehicle. Even though VW is a little late in trying to secure a place in the ever crowded crossover market, the fact that they are at least making an attempt is both brave and business savvy. After all, VW are no doubt acutely aware of the fact that the crossover automotive market remains a growing market. That being said, the 2017 VW Golf SUV is an interesting vehicle largely because it is more of a SUV-crossover hybrid than just VW’s version of standard SUV or standard crossover vehicle. Continue reading 2017 VW Golf SUV Review, Powertrain

2017 Mini Rocketman Release Date, Specs

The new 2017 Mini Rocketman is not very far from hitting the market. Fans are eagerly waiting for its debut. According to credible sources, this mini car will come with lots of updates and astonishing features. It might be the first vehicle ever to have a transparent rooftop, not forgetting extra-large windows. The maker of this auto will be targeting customers who value uniqueness, implying that the mini car is going to cause a stir once it lands into the market. To distinguish it from predecessors, some uplifts, modifications and additions of technologically advanced features will be done. It will appear sportier than previous version. Continue reading 2017 Mini Rocketman Release Date, Specs

MG GS SUV Concept

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) market is getting more lucrative every day. More players are working round the clock to ensure they get a share of this pie. MG motors in collaboration with SAIC motors have developed an SUV dubbed as MG GS SUV, this model was launched in Shanghai motor show in 2015 and have been production for the Chinese market. Going with current speculations, the model is intending to go international.  Continue reading MG GS SUV Concept


The World today’s is full of competition, companies whether big or small are fighting for their survival. In order to maintain good market share, they are coming up with enticing models to lure their customers. If you get into the market, the most likely scenario is that automobiles from well-known companies dominate it. However, the trend seems to be changing. Recently Spanish automakers SEAT have unveiled their new full-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) dubbed as SEAT Ateca SUV. It is in the same class with Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage. It will offer sophisticated technological features while boasting sleek look. Additionally, rivals will have to watch as it will be cheaper than most of them. Continue reading SEAT Ateca SUV

2017 Lincoln MKX Price, Features

Sometime back, Ford came up with a plan to increase the production of its luxury vehicles. The plan included both short and long-term goals. The major long-term goal was to dominate the world of SUVs by the year 2020. One of the short-term goals was to intensify the production of Lincoln MKX. A number of amazing MKX models have been produced in the past years. And the American automobile manufacturer is gearing up for a new model, which is supposed to be 2017 Lincoln MKX. The new car will come with a stellar design and will suit people who love comfort and luxury. Continue reading 2017 Lincoln MKX Price, Features