2016 BMW X5 M front

2016 BMW X5 M review, sport

The second generation of BMW X5 has officially made its entry in the market. It is a fantastic news for the cross loving and speed obsessed people. The new model has retain its 4.4-liter, twin turbocharged V8 engine. Power has been enhanced from 555 horsepower to 567 ponies. Torue has reached 553 pound feet from 500 pound feet torque. Extra twist is now less accessible and peak grunt lies somewhere between the 2,200 and 5,000 rpm. Overall 10% increase in Torque can be considered. New 2016 BMW X5 M comes on market with great features.

2016 BMW X5 M front

2016 BMW X5 M: Engine Specs

The big power train sees the six speed, automatic and has been replaced with an eight speed steptronic transmission from 2016 BMW X5 M. The new gearbox feeds the power to an xDrive all wheel drive system. This system shuffles up to 100% of power to the either axle. This power train allows the vehicle to hit 60 miles per hour in just a matter of few seconds. It is done with the help of conjunction with the force that is induced under the hood.

2016 BMW X5 M rear

2016 BMW X5 M: Exterior and Interior

The performance division of BMW has given the 2016 BMW X5 M significant aesthetic updates in order to fir in the higher performance role. Standard 21 inch M wheels, flared wheel arches, arguably the coolest mirrors have been seen in the new X5 M. All these specs sum to come up with eye catching looks in every sense and manner. Moreover typical M features like side gills and quad exhausts are also present. The cabin of the 2016 X5 M has large steering wheel fitted along with the aluminum paddle shifters. At the same time on the other hand, aggressive sport seats with headrests fitted as well as M-spec shifter round out to be the most visible interior changes offered in the vehicle.

Talking about the driving dynamics system, dynamic performance control supervises the distribution of the drive between the under load as well as on the over run. This is done regardless of the engine output. All wheel drive system results in to the new dynamic flair, traction and agility. Whatever the road surface may be, the car follows the course accurately. The system also reduces the amount of work carried out by the wheel, the steering responds directly.

2016 BMW X5 M interior

The new 2016 BMW X5 M has been designed to be used on the road. Seating position of an all wheel drive BMW X model along with the outstanding concept of balance of a BMW car has been improved. The whole body of the car has been painted the same in order to improve the attributes on the road. In addition to the reduction in the height of the ride, the vehicle has been equipped with more powerful stance and as a result offers an ultimate fun drive to the owners.

2016 BMW X5 M: Release Date and Price

Price for the 2016 BMW X5 M starts at $ 99 650 which complements the features offered by the vehicle.  The amount includes $ 950 as a destination charge.

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