2016 VW Polo front

2016 VW Polo suv, gti

The VW Polo is a small model produced since 1975. This models sales begun to take a downward trend compelling its manufacturers to make plans to redesign it. This model will therefore go through a redesign and it will represent the sixth generation model. The redesigned model will enable Volkswagen to expand its range of Sports Utility Vehicles. It will be a 2016 year model which will be based on the renowned VW Polo hatchback. This 2016 VW Polo SUV will be based on a new VW MQB platform which is used in assembling other VW models as well as models from other automakers like Audi and Skoda. The 2016 VW Polo SUV is expected to be the cheapest SUV made by the German automaker. There are rumors that this name might be changes when the auto is finally ready for release in 2016.

2016 VW Polo front

2016 VW Polo: Redesign Exterior and Interior

This SUV will acquire significant changes in its design. It is said to be transformed to become a large SUV to try and satisfy the ever growing marked demand for SUV’s. Again, for it to remain competitive in the ever changing segment, the automakers have seen it right to move in this direction. The changes will make this model to look more modern too. Its body will be constructed using aluminum and high strength steel. This model will also be equipped with newly designed grille and refreshed headlights which will be more aggressive. Again, the 2016 VW Polo SUV will have a longer wheelbase thus making it to be larger as earlier mentioned. The windshield will be at a steep angle while the cabin will get the four door configuration. It will feature 15, 16 or 17 inch alloy wheels. The new MQB platform will provide the new model with a length of 4180mm.

Its interior will be upholstered using high quality cloth. The cabin will also have comfy sports seats, chrome ascents and aluminum details. Also, a number of modern tech features will be offered to complete the 2016 VW Polo SUV. Various equipments will also be offered such as a multi-functional steering wheel, heated front seats, parking sensors, LCD display and digital air conditioning.

2016 VW Polo interior

2016 VW Polo: Engine Specs

Till now, it is not clear which particular powertrain will be offered under the hood of this redesigned model. However, there are several speculations regarding the possible power unit both diesel and petrol. One of the speculated engines is a 1.0 liter three cylinder unit generating 110 horsepower and 129 pounds-feet of torque. Other more powerful versions are also expected and they include a 1.4 liter TSI or a 1.8 liter TSI developing 150 horses or 185 hp. The expected diesel engine might be a 1.4 liter TDI unit producing 90 horses or a 2.0m liter TDI developing 150 horses. The drive mode will most likely be the front wheel combined with the all wheel drive mode.

2016 VW Polo rear

2016 VW Polo: Release Date, Price, Competitors

2016 VW Polo is likely to be available in the auto world by the end of 2015. Its price is not yet known but it will be about $ 20 000. Its main rivals will include Jeep Ridgeline, Nissan Juke and Mini Countryman.

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