2016 VW Crossblue front view

2016 VW Crossblue Review

The long anticipated launch of the mid-size SUV, the 2016 VW Crossblue for the US market is on. The future design of this crossover was introduced at the 2015 Detroit auto show. It is expected that this 7 seater SUV will move into the phase of production in 2016.

2016 VW Crossblue front view

2016 VW Crossblue – Exterior and Interior Design

So what are going to be the changes in this 2016 VW CrossBlue? It is going to have a coupe like roof, and it is expected to be available in cross coupe GTE. One of the spokespersonsof the company said that this new generation CrossBlue will have the same concept as that of the Detroit auto show revealed last year. It is going to become popular like 2016 Toyota Highlander and even 2016 Ford Explorer. The basic concept and design of this VW is not going to change, it will be the same. There is nothing official where this SUV will be produced. In order to accommodate this new SUV, the company has decided to expand the unit capacity of the Chattanooga plant from 150,000 units to 250,000 units. The car will be available in 6 drive models which have been selected through the drive mode selector knob. The operation of the car is going to be hybrid. It will be found in front wheel drive. The Eco and Sport submodes in which the car will be available will make it go near to the DSG choice. When it comes to the dimensions of the car, it will be 196.3” in length, 79.3” in width and 68.2” in height. The height has been improved this time. Fans are curious to know what is going to be inside the cabin. Well, the material used for the seats is made from high quality. Leather in beige has been used on the wood for the console is dark stained banana tree wood. Some advance features will be seen which include 10.2 inch touch screen LCD, HVAC controls, driver specific information on the TFT screen and much more. The infotainment and entertainment both are going to be fully packed.

2016 VW Crossblue interior

2016 VW Crossblue – Engine and Fuel Economy

When it comes to the powertrain of 2016 VW Crossblue, it is going to be a combination of diesel and hybrid. It will come with the EA288 2 liter turbo diesel four cylinder engine. It will have 2 electric motors and it is going to come with the 6 speed DSG dual clutch auto transmission. The diesel engine is capable of producing 190 hp and a torque of 280 pound feet. The electric motor that will be mounted at the front will be capable of producing 54 hp and torque of 133 pound feet. The unit mounted at the rear will be capable of producing 114 to 199 hp. This SUV will be capable of running at the speed of 127 mph on road from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds.

2016 VW Crossblue rear view

2016 VW Crossblue – Price and Release Date

The base price for the 2016 VW Crossblue in US is going to be $32,000. It will be available for sale in 2016.

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  1. I am hoping VW will bring to the USA the European diesel in an SUV format sooner than later….any hints here?

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