2016 Toyota Venza release date, review, redesign

Toyota Venza is another mid-size SUV produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota Motors Corporation. It was initially unveiled in Detroit in 2008 during the North America International Auto Show. The automaker so the need to make a car that would suite buyers who needed fast access through tough terrains. Venza, a car with outstanding performance and appearance was then introduced. 2016 Toyota Venza stands up in its segment as one of the most luxurious SUV. Toyota Motor Corporation wants to unveil a redesigned Venza which it is currently working on. However, the automaker has not revealed any details of this new auto. Fans are heavily relying on speculations and they are hoping that the new model will get more advanced features and improved performance.

2016 Toyota Venza front view

2016 Toyota Venza: Redesign Exterior and Interior

2016 Toyota Venza will be offered in three trim levels namely LE, XLE and Limited. In the base LE trim, various standard equipments will be offered and they include 19 inch alloy wheels, USB/iPod interface, Bluetooth and CD player, automatic climate control, a touch screen infotainment interface and a heated driver’s seat. In the XLE trim, the expected features include keyless ignition, Smartphone integrations system, interior leather upholstery, heated front seats, power folding mirrors, rear view camera and other features from the LE trim. In the Limited trim level, there will be all standard features as well other high tech equipments like Xenon head lamps, a panoramic sunroof, an upgraded 13 speaker sound system, dual zone automatic climate control, front and rear parking sensors and navigation system among others. Again, there will be electronic brake force distribution which will be automatic and responsive. In all trims, the interior will be roomy in order to contribute to the comfort of the occupants. This model will accommodate five passengers. The color schemes will be added both inside and outside.

Outwards, 2016 Toyota Venza will be offered in a modern design. Its body style is derived from the FT-SX 2005 concept. Its new appearance will be more aggressive and it is expected to be in harmony with the needs of today’s prospective buyers. On its front end, it will feature a redesigned chrome-plated grille that shall enhance its already powerful appearance. Its head and tail lights will also be remodeled to get a new shape which will match with the 2016 Toyota Venza new look. Its headlights for instance will be presented in a sharper triangular shape. The new Venza will come with an increased wheelbase.

2016 Toyota Venza interior

2016 Toyota Venza: Engine and Fuel Economy

The automaker has not revealed the exact powertrain that shall propel this 2016 Toyota Venza. However, there are rumors that the engine might be a 2.7 liter capable of delivering 181 horsepower and 246 Nm of torque. This redesigned model will transmit power through the six speed automatic gearbox. Another possibility is a 3.5 liter V6 developing 333 Nm of torque and 268 horsepower. As for the fuel economy, the 2.7 liter offers 20/26/22 mpg for city/highway/combined driving while the 3.5 liter offers 18 mpg city, 25 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined.

2016 Toyota Venza rear view

2016 Toyota Venza: Release Date, Price, Competitors

2016 Toyota Venza will be unveiled in mid 2015. The actual price is not known yet but it is believed to move between $ 30 000 and $ 40 000. When it comes to competition, the new Venza will rival against Subaru Outback, Honda Crosstour, Nissan Murano and Ford Edge.

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7 Responses to 2016 Toyota Venza release date, review, redesign

  1. Gord Barney says:

    The venza has not changed it’s looks since 2009 l was wandering if a brand new look to the Venza is on the horizon . I love the car and i’v owned one since 2011 and I want a new one but I don’t want to buy a new one now if there is going to be a redesign of the body style . thx.

  2. F. T. Ferguson says:

    owner of 2009 venza v6 awd. 2 years late in changing for a new version because of the
    unchanged updating over 7 editions 2009 to 2015. i have been eagerly waiting for venza model updates. I has been too long. Lately I have been strongly considering the ford edge.

  3. Barry Sorrel says:

    The pictures here shows the 2013 European Auris Sport Wagon! Surely this is not going to be re-badged as the Venza in the US? It is a much, much smaller car and quite honestly in a different class totally. I hope this is a mistake by your editors.

  4. R McKinnon says:

    I have been a toyota owner of many vehicles for years. I have since moved from the Camry to the 2010 Venza V6 5 years ago. I really love the size of the vehicle and the height because its still a car but also give the luxury of a SUV without being a SUV. I love this car because I can buy items and be able to put it in my car. I don’t want a SUV truck which is much more bulkier and the Venza is more compact. I was anxiously waiting on the 2016 but was told the vehicle is being discontinued altogether. I will be very disappointed if this is the decision made by Toyota. This vehicle is a very good vehicle and there are a lot of Venza owners in the US that love this car. Please release the 2016 Venza with a new look and better quality leather and sound system but not take away the luxury of the vehicle exterior but upgrade the interior of the vehicle. Also consider more options for the color of the leather like brown and chocolate would be nice to add to the leather package. I am waiting to see the 2017 Venza so I can trade in my current one. Either way I want to purchase the new Venza when it comes on the market. Hope to hear an update on the new Venza soon. Regards

  5. R McKinnon says:

    Correction to my earlier comment, I meant to say “anxiously waiting on the 2017 toyota Venza release.

  6. Araga David Sunday says:

    I patiently wait for the new 2016Venza. Looks promising and upgraded. Build to command strength.

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