2016 Toyota Kluger front

2016 Toyota Kluger redesign

The 2016 Toyota Kluger shall be a classy and well performing SUV that shall provide customers with almost all the things they may need when it comes to choosing the right SUV. This vehicle shall have powerful engines that shall enable users save more on fuel through having high fuel efficiency. It shall also have a modern and elegant design that shall make it stand out when compared with other SUVs in the market. Furthermore, the interior of this modern SUV shall be equipped with various features that shall be made using the latest technology.

2016 Toyota Kluger front

2016 Toyota Kluger: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The outer appearance of the 2016 Toyota Kluger shall incorporate a number of attributes that shall make this vehicle, 2016 Toyota Kluger look modern and elegant. Some of the most noticeable exterior features of this vehicle shall include the main body being made using light but tough materials. This shall reduce the total weight of the vehicle but still allow it to perform even tough duties without the body getting damaged. The reduced weight shall in turn increase the fuel efficiency of the engine and also enhance speed. This vehicle shall also come with a masculine looking front area that shall have a big grille. The bumper of this vehicle shall be redesigned and shall be housing the fog lights and the large air vents that shall be letting air into the engine. On the front area of this vehicle there will also be stylish LED head lights that shall further enhance the looks of the vehicle. The 2016 Toyota Kluger shall also come with well designed roof lines and a redesigned rear part that shall have sleeker LED tail lights and a modern dual exhaust system.

The 2016 Toyota Kluger is expected to have a beautiful and luxurious interior that shall have different technologically oriented features. One of the most outstanding interior features of this vehicle is a beautiful black trim that shall be made using genuine wood. This vehicle shall come with seven seats which will all be covered with premium leather and shall be well spaced. There will also be ample space for all the passengers and also for the luggage therefore making this SUV ideal for a family that might be travelling. On the interior, it shall also be possible to enjoy regulated temperatures since the vehicle shall have a modern dual zone climate control system. Furthermore, there will also be a number of connection options which shall include wireless Bluetooth, smart phone integration, Wi-fi and USB ports. Users of 2016 Toyota Kluger can also expect to get other premium features such as; a modern infotainment system, automatic starting system, keyless entry, rear view mirror, and a large LCD touch screen on the cabin.

2016 Toyota Kluger interior

2016 Toyota Kluger: Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2016 Toyota Kluger shall be powered by two engines which shall be powerful and fuel efficient. The main engine of this SUV shall be a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder that shall be generating 215 pound feet of torque and 185 hp. The other engine option shall be a 3.5 liter six liter engine that shall be generating 270 hp and 296 pound feet of torque. These engines shall be mated with six speed automatic transmission with a driving mode of four wheel and an electric battery. The entire engine system shall be endowed with a fuel efficiency of 25 mpg in highways and 20 mpg in the city.

2016 Toyota Kluger side

2016 Toyota Kluger: Release Date and Price

This 2016 Toyota Kluger is expected to be available for sale during the third quarter of 2015 where the starting price of the base model shall be about $ 38 000.

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