2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara redesign

Suzuki is another Japanese automobile company that has immensely contributed in the automotive industry. One of the well known Suzuki series is the Grand Vitara, also referred to as Escudo in other markets. The Grand Vitara is classified as a compact sports utility vehicle. This model has contributed to the global mobility needs in a great way especially owing to its great off-road capability. This model debuted in 1988 and since then, it has been through three generational changes. The automaker is currently working on a new Grand Vitara model which will replace the current third generation Vitara. The upcoming 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be an advanced concept car which will help Suzuki company to bring in a perfect model with great comfort features. It will represent Suzuki’s most advanced model whose specifications will be enhanced to a new level. Owing to its enhanced performance, stunning looks and better handling, the new 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara will certainly give other models of its segment great competition. The automaker has promised to offer one of the lightest, most fuel economic and least CO2 emission model in its category.

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara front

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Several changes such as a shorter body chassis than the previous Grand Vitara are expected. Its external look will also be bulkier and cooler with a more masculine design. The 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara is rumored to be based on the iV-4 concept. It will be offered in both two and for door configuration. Its two door model comes with a narrower body shape measuring 4.21 meters in length, 1.85 meters in width, and 1.66 meters in height and 2.50 meters in wheelbase. Again, the two door version comes with more cargo space while only the front seats act as passenger seats. As for the four door model, it is a bit large in size. Its dimensions are 4.51 meters in length, 1.81 meters in width, 1.694 meters in height and 2.639 meters wheelbase. This four door model can accommodate five passengers. The new model comes with Grand Vitara’s signature sporty design.

Interior-wise, the seats material and the dashboard design will be updated to improve this new 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara overall appeal. The interior material is said to be pure leather for maximum comfort for both driver and passengers. The changes in the dashboard include clear display of the entire car’s information like tire pressure and fuel level and other critical things that the driver requires to know. These changes will make the 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara a sight to behold.

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara interior

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara: Engine Specs

The most interesting part of 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara is in its engine. Only one engine will be offered but to date, it is still not clear which engine will propel this new model. There are a number of assumptions, and the first likely engine is said to be a 1.4 liter four cylinder which is known to be powerful and also fuel economical. Another likely engine is a 2.0 liter four cylinder making about 150 horses. Still, rumors have it that it could be a 1.6 liter four cylinder which powers the S-Cross crossover. Still, a 2.4 liter four cylinder gasoline engine generating 166 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque might be this model’s powertrain. 2016 Suzuku Grand Vitara is expected to come with the new ALLGRIP four-wheel drive system as optional and the front wheel drive system as standard.

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara side

2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara: Release Date, Price, Competitors

2016 Suzuku Grand Vitara is rumored to come with a price tag of between $ 20 000 and $ 26 000. Its main competitors include Toyota RAV4, Renault Captur and Ford Escape. Its release date is still a mystery but is expected to take place sometimes in 2016.

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  1. juan luis says:

    Me gusta la suzuki 2016

  2. Holden Eckel says:

    I am a big fan of Suzuki. I have a 2003 Suzuki grand Viterra, I am looking for a brand-new one, I love them so much they are very reliable car. I honestly could not imagine my life without a Vitara. They are so very well-built and perfect I have not had a problem with mine at all and I trust Suzuki, I always will. This company really goes out of their way to make such a high quality car, I can not find that Ford, Kia, Dodge or anything like Suzuki. Suzuki is the way to go! I promise, words really cannot describe how good Suzuki really is. Go Suzuki!

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