2016 Mercedes ML front

2016 Mercedes ML class, redesign

2016 Mercedes ML will be coming with several improvements when compared to the previous models. A lot of options will be added to this vehicle, thus making it one of the best from the auto manufacturer. Reliability, great design, luxurious and sturdiness are amongst best qualities of this top class model. 2016 Mercedes ML is best suited for people looking for luxurious car which is still suited for all seasons.

2016 Mercedes ML front

2016 Mercedes ML: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Both exterior and interior of 2016 Mercedes ML are well designed. Its design and styling can be said to be amongst the finest works that can be found in the market. Maximum towing capacity of this vehicle is 3265 kg. Car itself weighs 7198 kg approximately. Its power, design and durability is enough to compete against best cars in market such as BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, Buick Enclave, Cadillac SRX, Lincoln MKX, etc.

A lot of security features are provided to interiors of 2016 Mercedes ML. Features such as 9 airbags, 5 seat belts, traction control, stability management and navigation control ensure that a safe ride is provided. Lane departure warning i9s also provided along with parking support sensors for entrance and rear.

Cabin also features an electrically running rack steering wheel and a pinion. Suspension provided also has better class with the option of unbiased suspension and wishbone when entering it. However, rear suspension comes with impartial suspension, which makes a tad multi hyperlink. Storage capacity of its gasoline is 25 gallons. Trunk of 2016 Mercedes ML is very big, allowing it to carry many bags.

2016 Mercedes ML interior

2016 Mercedes ML: Engine Specs

Engine specification of this car has already been revealed by the company, Mercedes Benz. This vehicle is going to be powered by a 3 liter turbo charged V6 engine. The engine will be capable of producing an output of 428 HP with 5500 rpm. Maximum torque produced by this engine is 354 lb ft at 4000 rpm. There has been an extensive use of aluminum in body of 2016 Mercedes ML. This has been done for enhancement of maneuverability, thus also improving engine performance dealing with other problems. The engine will be capable of accelerating from 0 mph to 60 mph within just 6 seconds.

The engine of this vehicle is paired with electronic transmission of having 7 units of speed. This transmission enables option of all wheel drive in this car. According to information provided by company, fuel consumption of engine will be 12.3 mpg on city roads and approximately 8.9 mpg for highway driving. Mild supplies may also be used by this vehicle for assisting improvement of gasoline system.

2016 Mercedes ML: Release Date and Price

During promotional offer, the all-new 2016 Mercedes ML may be priced at around $ 61 000 approximately. It is very much possible that there will be even more improvements later in future as compared to current release. This could result in increment of price later on. Several other options will also be provided at extra cost. It will be available in market in year 2016.

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