2016 Infiniti QX30 redesign

There is not much that one knows about this new model from Nissan’s sister company – Infiniti. However, its concept design has been circulating the entire automobile market for quite some time now. Finally, Infiniti has released a press statement acknowledging the production of 2016 Infiniti QX30, which will likely come out by the end of 2015 or at the very start of 2016. As far as the market for compact crossover SUVs are concerned, this new model of Infiniti QX30 is definitely going to face some stiff competition from some big names in this auto industry.  How will it tackle that competition? Only time can tell.

2016 Infiniti QX30 front

2016 Infiniti QX30: Redesign Exterior and Interior

There is not much o know about the interior and exterior design features of this new Infiniti QX30. According to several reports, most of its design features will be shared from its hatchback crossover model. However, certain key design modules will be different. This model will feature a rugged look in its exterior, with a larger wheel base and broader platform. In addition to that, its external chassis will be based on the MFA platform, with some slight tweaks and modifications. Front bumper design will change, with chrome finish and side decals.

Interior design will bring forward some latest technological additions, with a new dash board configuration. Luxury and comfort features have been redesigned, with new upholstered leather seats and a modified central console unit. The interior interface of 2016 Infiniti QX30 has changed a lot, with latest electronic modules and modified safety features, including parking assists, traction control and 360 degree camera units.

2016 Infiniti QX30 interior

2016 Infiniti QX30: Engine Specs

If there is only a single thing that Infiniti really does well, then it is to produce good quality engines. Even though there has not been a full specification display on behalf of Infiniti, but trusted sources report that the company is looking forward to produce a distinctive as well as a new power train. Till now, there has not been any confirmation as to whether only gasoline or diesel units will be produced, or both. European markets might get a diesel variant, with 1.5 liter dCi turbo charged configuration engine.

As far as gasoline units are concerned, 2 probable options are in place for consideration. What are they?

  • A 1.8 liter turbo charged unit that is capable of producing a max power spec of 266 HP.
  • Another 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder unit, which can produce around 215 HP, with 236 lbs. feet of max torque. 2016 Infiniti QX30 side

All these engine options of 2016 Infiniti QX30 will be accompanied with an all-wheel drive train spec, as well as a new Xtronic CVT gear box.

2016 Infiniti QX30: Release Date and Price

Since there is much to know about this 2016 Infiniti QX30, no specific range has been fixed in terms of pricing and release of this car. When more aspects of this 2016 QX30’s features will come to light, then a proper figure can be estimated. However, sources report that it might be within $ 30 000. As far as the release dates are concerned, this 2016 Infiniti QX30 will come out by mid-2015 or early in 2016.

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