2016 Ford Territory Review

The 2016 Ford Territory shall be a modern high performing SUV. This will be facilitated by this vehicle being endowed with diverse features which not only makes the vehicle powerful, but also ensure users get enjoyable driving experiences. This SUV will come in a stylish and attractive design which will give it a competitive edge in the market. It shall also have a beautiful and comfortable interior which will have many features that will be using the latest technology.

2016 Ford Territory front view

2016 Ford Territory – Exterior and  Interior Design

The design of the 2016 Ford Territory shall be in a way that the vehicle will have an aggressive sporty look. One of the most outstanding features of this vehicle will be the body being made using relatively light materials such as high performing steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. These materials will reduce the total weight of this SUV which will in turn increase the top speed and improve fuel efficiency. This modern SUV will also have a lower height which will significantly lower its center of gravity. As a result, this vehicle will be more stable and shall get improved driving dynamics. On the front area of this vehicle there shall be a chrome plated grille which will enhance the aggressiveness. The air vents are also expected to be enlarged to allow more cooling air to get into the engine. This vehicle shall be using stylish LED lights which shall enhance its appearance and improve visibility while driving at night. The windscreen of this SUV will be sharply ranked and the roofing system will be slanting. Consequently, the vehicle shall be able to move faster since this will reduce the air resistance. It will also be endowed with large allow wheels which will improve its sporty look and also enable it handle even rough terrains comfortably.


On the interior the 2016 Ford Territory shall have a number of features that will be meant to improve comfort, driving convenience, safety and security. This vehicle will be using the automatic starting system and the windows will be opening automatically. The cabins shall undergo improvements to make it more interactive. On this cabin there will be two LCD screens which will allow the driver to handle different features even without looking down. The interior of the 2016 Ford Territory will also incorporate spacious leather covered seats. There shall also be a modern HVAC unit to ensure temperatures are always regulated. There will also be a one touch air refreshing button inside this vehicle. Users of this 2016 Ford Territory SUV can also expect to get a modern entertainment system inside the vehicle. Safety shall be provided through seat belts, air bags, rear view mirror and parking sensor. There will be a number of connection options which will include an in built Wi-Fi hot spot, USB ports, smart phone integration, Bluetooth and GPRS.

2016 Ford Territory interior

2016 Ford Territory – Engine and Performance

2016 Ford Territory will be getting its power from two powerful engines. The main engine shall be an EcoBoost four liter engine that shall be generating 477 pound feet of torque and 471 hp. There shall also be a 2.7 liter engine that will be using diesel and will be generating 395 hp and 405 pound feet of torque. Both the engines shall be mated with 8 speed transmission and shall have two and four wheel drive systems. Fuel efficiency of these engines will be high to help users save more on fuel.

2016 Ford Territory rear view

2016 Ford Territory – Price and Release Date

The 2016 Ford Territory shall be available in the market at on the first quarter of 2016 with a starting price of about $ 48, 000.

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