2016 Ford Bronco front

2016 Ford Bronco price, svt

Rumors have been circulating about the re-appearance of Ford Bronco as a 2016 year model. This model was produced from 1966 to 1996, than its production stopped. The good news is that Ford Motors Company has confirmed those rumors. The automaker has said that after the long absence of Ford Bronco, it is now returning to the auto world with significant changes. Ford Bronco belongs to the sports utility vehicle segment and it had gone through five generations of production. Ford says there a number of reasons have compelled them to reconsider this move, the main reason being that this model belonged to a very popular segment and its release would create intense competition among its rivals. The 2016 Ford Bronco will be a must have for car enthusiast seeking to find a genuine off-road challenge with two doors, more so for people who are attracted to Ford Models. This model is rumored to be based on the Ford CD2 Platform. It will not carry over a lot of features present in the previous models since most of them have become outdated, but some key features will be rolled over with some refreshments on them.

2016 Ford Bronco front

2016 Ford Bronco: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Interior of new 2016 Ford Bronco will feature various high tech equipments with modern technologies. Its dashboard will be upgraded and it will include a large touch-screen with superior infotainment system. The seats will be upholstered using luxurious and quality materials. The cabin will be quite spacious and it will have room for 5 adult passengers seated comfortably regardless of the road conditions since it will have ample leg and head room. Again, the all new 2016 Ford Bronco will get ample luggage storage space. This car will get an updated instrumental panel which includes a satellite radio, stereo speakers and front power windows. As for the security features, it is certain that Ford will upgrade them to perfection.

2016 Ford Bronco interior

As mentioned earlier, this 2016 Ford Bronco will be based on Ford CD2 platform, and it will be designed to fit its recognizable mode and size. It will be built as a two door model using the four wheel drive mode. Its new exterior design will be much better that then previous Ford Bronco’s design. It will be quite masculine and aggressive too.

2016 Ford Bronco: Engine Options

A number of engines are being mentioned in relation to the 2016 Ford Bronco. Some of the expected power-trains suitable for powering this model include a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 found under the bonnet of the F-150 Tremor and generating 365 horsepower and 240 lb-ft, a 5.0 liter V8 Coyote generating 360 horsepower and 380 lb-ft, and a 4.5 liter V6 turbo diesel generating 20 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. Both two wheel and all wheel drive modes are expected to be offered with a transmission of either six speed automatic or six speed SelectShift automatic.

2016 Ford Bronco rear

2016 Ford Bronco: Price, Release Date and Competitors

It is highly likely to appear in summer of 2016. As for the price, it is rumored to begin at $ 25 000 and $ 30 000. The SUV segment is currently not a very competitive field, thus it provides the 2016 Ford Bronco with a good chance to stand out if it gets great features in addition to an attractive design. Its close competitors of 2016 Ford Bronco are Mitsubishi Montero, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4runner and Nissan Pathfinder. All these rivals have terrific off-road capabilities, so it is upon Bronco’s automakers to make a model that can beat these off-roadsters.

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