2016 Buick Anthem front

2016 Buick Anthem Redesign

With the quick advancement in technology and day by day increasing demands of people car manufacturing companies are producing such cars which are at the same time comfortable, advance in technology, stylish and powerful. The upcoming motor, Buick Anthem is the latest model of 2016 which possesses all these qualities. In this brand new model company has made such changes which will enhance its looks, style and luxury. It is expected that the car will be available in the markets in the coming year. These changing are thought to be very attractive for car lovers who want to add style in their lives.

2016 Buick Anthem front

2016 Buick Anthem – Interior and Exterior Design

As mentioned that this 2016 Buick Anthem will be produced with a variety of improvements as compared to the previous models. For example the vehicle will be equipped with an advanced grille just to enhance the car`s front. Apart from this the car will include especial lights with LED technology on the front and replacing the previous headlights. Fog lights are also replaced with lowered LED technology. The exterior of the new 2016 Buick Anthem will be built in chromium units just to enhance the performance of aero dynamics including the refreshed lines. A highly advanced and reliable control system for security purposes is inserted which includes LIDAR cameras. To give it a different look from the previous model, back tail lights along with back gates are reshaped. Alloyed rim wheels of 17 inches, rear bumper, roof spoiler and roof racks are important features of the brand new Buick Anthem. Inside the car, there is a complete covering with leather to make it more comfortable. Steering wheel and doors are also covered in leather as an advanced feature. Moreover an advanced navigation system, 12 V socket, audio system, security cameras and cruise control are the great achievements in the coming model.

2016 Buick Anthem interior

2016 Buick Anthem – Engine and Performance

There is a combination of two engines in the new 2016 Buick Anthem. One engine is a 2.5 liter engine with four cylinders having 16 valves in it. It can produce a total of 195 horse powers and a torque of about 187 lb feet. An auto gear box producing six speed is attached with the first engine to make it more powerful. An alternate engine is also available so that the driver can choose between the two. This second engine has a power of producing a torque approximately 295 lb feet and can generate 259 hp. This engine is 2 liter having four cylinders. The use of second engine is more economical as it reduces the consumption of fuel.

2016 Buick Anthem Side view

2016 Buick Anthem – Price and Release Date

This brand new 2016 Buick Anthem together with all of its luxuries will be available for the buyers in early 2016. The estimated price of this car according to sources will be 30,000 US dollars. The car will be initially introduced in the markets of USA and China.

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